Wallpaper Pack - Receive a high-quality Japanese-themed digital wallpaper that will be the official design of the Genki Kanji Poster website, along with the satisfaction that you're helping spread the wonderful Japanese language and culture! Poster Pack - Receive one copy of the 23" by 37" laminated Genki Kanji Poster shipped to you anywhere in the world! Shipping included for domestic orders! Also included is the high-quality Genki Kanji Poster website wallpaper.

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In fact, buy two! The kanji posters I had on my walls back in the day were from Rolomail and zhongwen. The Rolomail one comes on three separate sheets and is used in Japanese schools; it comes in phonetic order; you need to laminate it yourself if you want to protect it.

The zhongwen. Now something better has come along. In that sense, I think it is the first of its kind. At the very least, it is the first such product I have come across. Most kanji posters come in either phonetic order or, worse, scholastic order , and generally only have relatively few characters on them. One poster to rule them all. All the other kanji posters I have ever made, bought, or seen are in fact not one poster but a set of multiple posters. Having a bad kanji day? Having a good kanji day?

Let everyone know — mark up your KanjiPoster KanjiPoster is laminated, so you can write on it with a dry-erase marker and show your friends, family and innocent bystanders just how much kanji tail you kick. Adding more information would probably have made things too cluttered or too big to fit on a single sheet. What are you waiting for?

Get a kanji poster already! So watch out for a Chinese version HanziPoster? As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, KanjiPoster is developed by Paddy, who reads this site, and is therefore very handsome in addition to being totally cool. Hey there, you Lazy Kanji aficionados! Here is a little bookmarklet that looks up multiple…. Especially when you can rasterbate in privacy homokaasu.

Just kidding. Sure, the american dollar is dropping compared to the Australian dollar, but it needs to sink a lot more to make this more affordable. By the way, I watched the first season of Trick since you are always recommending it and it really is great. I am watching the second season now. I also want to thank you for some of your music recommendations. No english subtitles to be found… lol Sooo it has been interesting. I will have to go find some cliffnotes or somethimg if i want to get much more out of this than the visual humor, for now.

It definitely becomes easier to understand as you become accustomed to listening to the speaking at native speed. Jonathan DeSousa I sat through the entire disc one last night and just focused on listening as well as I could. I did get alot more out of it.

And you did say that it has exact subtitles. Also, Do you get extra if people buy the poster by clicking through from your site? If so, it just might the be extra little push to get me to buy one… lol. Ok this is a little off-topic but…could somebody suggest a good Live Action which is completely in Kansai-ben?

Although my circumstances with Japanese are different in that it is self-taught and only one new language, does this ever happen? Cheeseweasel — Yeah Khatz has a post about it somewhere. I write slowly and thus have ages to think about how to write things, lol. But when typing I easily mix up similar words in different languages, yes.

Even better, I was telling a coworker about it. And now his son has bought one as well. Good times. Hey khatz thank you for this wonderful site. Because of this I have been watching Japanese movies and shows, listening to Japanese songs, and not been feeling guilty about it. Top notch stuff. Comments have gotten way off topic, huh. Well just want ya to know, from someone who has bought the poster, that it kicks ass!!!

The kanji, even though there are so many, are easy to read, and its nice you can write on it. Worth the money, I think. My mistake. I got really excited about this website and posted a comment in the wrong place. Dazruyue, how long did it take to ship? That sucks as a motivator! The poster is great, but I think that the kanji on it are too small to motivate someone. The way I have done it is by using post-it notes.

You go out and buy a huge stack of post-it notes and write every kanji you have learned and stick it on your wall. Use a sharpie and make it BIG! The great thing about post-it notes is that you can move them from place to place and the sticky part usually lasts quite a while as long as you are sticking them to a clean flat surface.

Buy a pack for 10 or 15 bucks and use them. Once they are used and before you go to the store to buy more, look at your walls and just marvel at what you know! You have just motivated me! This is totally against the philosophy of spaced repetition.

You take the hammer and hit the nail good and hard one time. Heck yes he likes his christian imagery. I skipped most of these, they were just bleh. Not a fan of the story method too many unimportant elements etc.

You can set your Paper Maker up to cross-reference Remembering the Kanji which I did, even if I have never seen a copy and I am entering the kanji in order. Might take up a lot of paper and time but for a free resource… highly recommended. Sorry to double-post. After buying this poster I realized a great thing to get with it is a small white board. I find the starting process the hardest. Yet, I think having a white board next to this poster works well.

Now i can write out my stories, the kanji, or the keywords and play a search game. I even bought little sucker darts. What happened?!

Where are they?! I initially put off buying the poster because I had photocopies from RTK taped together in sad imitation of a poster, but I yesterday walked in to find my dog digging at said pages which had fallen off the wall and forming them into an elaborate den.

The Kanji Poster is a miracle! No, seriously. I ordered mine a week ago, and much to my surprise, they were having a special and mailed me two posters instead of one! And I can see my accomplishment. In other words: If you could pay someone a small fee to feel absolutely motivated, would you?

There is a company which will roll up this emotion and mail it to you. You will lose weight. You will eat better food. You will mow the lawn. You will do the dishes.

Your results may vary, in that even khatz is better than me, so you are undoubtedly much better than me, and you can go farther. Order this now. Read the entry on posting goals where you can see them. I was one of those badass dudes who said posting goals was dumb, and now I would make hot love to my poster if I could. Did I just say that out loud? Heisig likely adds so much Christian imagery largely because not only is he a Christian, but he is a Catholic theologian. The left and right lines are 9mm apart.

Looks like kanjiposter. We purchased kanjiposter. Basically we wanted the domain name to promote our own kanji poster, so now we are making two kanji posters available. I think we can improve the design of the Heisig posters with better typography and wanted to get your opinions of any other improvements.

I have a deal with Heisig to license the keywords but not the primitives , so we can include the keywords on a poster.


Kanji Wall Poster Series 3 by White Rabbit Press



Kanji Wall Poster


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