This listing is for part or sub-assembly number given below only. Factory Original Not A Reprint! This is in good condition. Complete with no missing pages. Any other questions or concerns feel free to send me messages via Ebay.

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Quick Links. See also: Workshop Manual. Instrument Cluster. Warning and control lights. Entertainment Systems. CD changer. Climate Controls. Manual heating and air conditioning. Electronic automatic temperature control. Rear window defroster. Turn signal control. Bulb replacement. Driver Controls. Steering wheel adjustment. Power windows. Speed control. Message center. Table of Contents. Page 3 Ford Motor Company. Ford may change the contents without notice and without incurring obligation.

Page 4: Introduction The more you know and understand about your vehicle, the greater the safety and pleasure you will derive from driving it.

In this guide, answers to such questions are contained in comments highlighted by the warning triangle symbol. To access this information, special equipment must be directly connected to the recording modules. Ford Motor Company and Ford of Canada do not access event data recorder information without obtaining consent, Page 7 Introduction Special instructions For your added safety, your vehicle is fitted with sophisticated electronic controls.

Failure to follow the specific warnings and instructions could result in personal injury. Front seat mounted rear-facing child or infant seats should NEVER be placed in front of an active passenger air bag. Page 8: Vehicle Symbol Glossary Introduction These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle. Many lights will illuminate when you start your vehicle to make sure the bulb works.

Page 12 Instrument Cluster Engine oil pressure: Illuminates when the oil pressure falls below the normal range, refer to Engine oil in the Maintenance and specifications chapter. Traction Control active if equipped : Flashes when the Traction Control is active.

If the light remains on a malfunction has been detected; Engine coolant temperature gauge: Indicates engine coolant temperature. If it enters the red section, the engine is overheating. Stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible, switch off the engine and let the engine cool. Page 14 Instrument Cluster Fuel gauge: Indicates approximately how much fuel is left in the fuel tank when the ignition is in the ON position. The fuel gauge may vary slightly when the vehicle is in motion or on a grade.

The FUEL icon and arrow indicates which side of the vehicle the fuel filler door is located. Clock: To set the hour, press and hold the H control. When the desired hour appears, release the control.

To set the minute, press and hold the M control. When the desired minute appears, release the control. Page 17 Entertainment Systems 2. Side 1—2: Press to change tape direction. FF fast forward : Press to advance the tape or CD. EJ Eject : Press to eject a tape. Page 20 Entertainment Systems 5. Scan: Press to hear a brief sampling of all listenable radio stations or CD tracks. Press again to stop. CD: Press to play a CD. Page Cd Changer Entertainment Systems Page 22 Entertainment Systems 5.

Line up the CD with the groove of the disc holder. Ensure that the label on the CD faces downwards. Press the disc holder until it locks securely into the magazine.

Ensure that the disc holder is evenly inserted and at the same level as the magazine A. Page 23 Due to technical incompatibility, certain recordable and re-recordable compact discs may not function correctly when used in Ford CD players. Irregular shaped CDs, CDs with a scratch protection film attached, and CDs with homemade paper adhesive labels should not be inserted into the CD player.

Temperature selection: Controls the temperature of the airflow in the vehicle. Refer to Front passenger sensing system in the Seating and Safety Restraints chapter. OFF: Outside air is shut out and the fan will not operate.

Page 27 Climate Controls 6. Auto: To engage automatic temperature control, press AUTO to select the desired temperature using the temperature control. The system will automatically determine fan speed, airflow location, outside or recirculated air to heat or cool the vehicle to reach the desired temperature. For more information, or to replace the filter, see your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury Dealer. Turns on the parking lamps, instrument panel lamps, license plate lamps and tail lamps.

Turns the headlamps on. Autolamp control if equipped The autolamp system provides light sensitive automatic on-off control of the exterior lights normally controlled by the headlamp control. Page 31 Lights High beams Push the lever toward the instrument panel to activate. Pull the lever towards you to deactivate.

Flash to pass Pull toward you slightly to activate and release to deactivate. Page 32 Lights Vertical aim adjustment 1. Park the vehicle on a level surface approximately 7. Page Turn Signal Control Lights To see a clearer light pattern for adjusting, you may want to block the light from one headlamp while adjusting the other.

Locate the vertical adjuster on each headlamp. Using a 4 mm wrench, turn the adjuster either clockwise to adjust down or counterclockwise to adjust up. Page 37 Lights Replacing headlamp bulbs To remove the headlamp bulb: 1. Make sure headlamp switch is in OFF position. Remove the bolt from the headlamp housing. At the back of the headlamp, pry up and remove the two retainer pins to release the headlamp assembly from the vehicle and pull headlamp forward. Page 38 Lights 5. Disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb by pulling rearward.

Remove the bulb retaining ring by rotating it counterclockwise. Remove the old bulb from the lamp assembly by pulling it straight out of the lamp assembly. Page 39 Lights 2. Install the bulb retaining ring over the plastic base and lock the ring by rotating clockwise until it snaps into place.

Connect the electrical connector to the bulb. Install the protective dust shield and lock the shield by rotating it clockwise until it locks into position. Page 40 Lights 5. Carefully pull bulb straight out of the socket and push in the new bulb. Install the bulb socket into the lamp assembly by rotating it clockwise.

Carefully position the headlamp assembly onto the vehicle. Hold the headlamp assembly snugly against the vehicle and install the retainer pins straight down to lock the lamp into place. Page 41 Lights Replacing high-mount brakelamp bulbs — Wagon only 1. Open liftgate. Remove two screw covers, screws and handle from liftgate. Remove two screws and the lower trim panel from the liftgate.

Remove the upper trim panel. Remove the rubber plug from the lower access hole in the upper portion of the liftgate.


2004 Ford Taurus Owners Manual



Ford Taurus 2004 Owner's Manual


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