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Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Post new thread. Create wiki page. Community supporters. All threads Latest threads New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Nebulous Start date Mar 2, Nebulous Legend. So I want to extend my current 5e campaign from Lost Mine of Phandelver and it looks like it's heading to Neverwinter next.

I saw this 4e supplement online, can anyone tell me more about it? A couple caveats: I don't want to run the Spellplague, my campaign takes place before that.

Hell, it might even be pre Time of Troubles, I haven't even figured that out. Never thought to play past the end of LMoP. Canon doesn't matter to me so I'll just use or ignore whatever. That big crevice on the map is interesting.

But I don't know exactly what caused it. Any suggestions that can highlight the best or worst parts of this setting? MonsterEnvy Adventurer.

The chasm happened during the Eruption of mount Hotenow I think. The Aboleth Sovereignty lives at the bottom of it if I remember correctly. Anyway the Neverwinter Campaign setting is a great book. Not too much of it has to deal with the Spell plague just that the city was wrecked in the same event that wrecked Thundertree in the Lost Mines. MerricB Eternal Optimist. The Neverwinter Campaign Setting is very likely the best book published for 4E.

I really wish we'd had more like it. Here's my review of the book. The explosion of Mt Hotenow happened during the events of Gauntlgrym amazingly, the 20th Drizzt book , which I haven't read. Nice review, Merric. I'm thinking that i could just have Mt. Hotenow have a second eruption, not the one that destroyed Thundertree, but I already established a long while back that there's a volcano in the area. So there would be lots of chaos and confusion in the streets, and then this big gash in the earth that "volunteers" are needed to explore.

Having the rift lead to Evernight sounds like a fun option. It just happened, no one knows what or where it leads, so it would be pretty darn scary. Nebulous said:. Though the Aboleth Sovereignty is pretty scary as well. Honestly their are a lot of cool things in the place. Last edited: Mar 3, The Aboleths are scary, granted, but I already dabbled in that briefly in 4e.

My idea was to have the PCs crawl down a rope through pitch black, inky darkness at the bottom of the Chasm, and eventually find themselves climbing UP the same rift when they pass through into the mirror image of Evernight on the other side, also suffering from the earthquake from Mt.

Kind of like Bizzaro world. That book is chock full of ideas, I mean it is really, really, really packed full of stuff.

More than you could ever use in its entirety. Paraxis Explorer. I love the Bladesinger class from that book, the ability to do some minor magic attack and swing a sword every round is exactly what I want from a class like that. The fact you have to wait till 7th level EK fighter or 14th level Valor bard in 5e to do the same thing was disappointing to me. Scrivener of Doom Adventurer. I had a lot of success having the Chasm lead to a great vault and ruined drow city based on the city of Pedestal from 3.

Admittedly, the Spellplague played a role but it could easily have been replaced. I'm running a 4E Neverwinter campaign plus a 5E Phandalin-centred campaign that will eventually turn into Red Hand of Doom with the siege of forgot the city's name taking place at the walls of Neverwinter instead.

I will probably continue that campaign in Neverwinter thereafter and expect I will continue using the Neverwinter Campaign Setting a lot. I've also got another five Neverwinter campaigns sketched out. I expect to be using the NCS material for years Scrivener of Doom said:. That is a fantastic idea. I've always wanted to run Red Hand of Doom, it was always a cool looking campaign. My only problem with the 4e Neverwinter campaign guide is that it is SO well integrated with the Spellplague, which I'm not using.

And that's no fault of the book, it almost makes me want to use it, but not quite. I dabbled in it in 4e and one of my players flat out didn't care for it, so I'm just going to use the Chasm to Evernight and maybe blend it with Red Hand of Doom at the gates of Neverwinter, that will be far more than enough material to last for months and months and months.

I actually dropped a lot of the Spellplague-inspired ideas in the NCS and limited it to a problem within the Chasm as I described. Helm's Hold is not a sanatorium for the spellscarred IMC - it's actually Gardmore Abbey from the 4E adventure - and I found the book still very useful.

I also dropped the Ashmadai in favour of cultists of Graz'zt posing as followers of Waukeen instead. Despite these fairly significant changes not the only ones, BTW I still find the book really useful. I suppose I am saying you might find that dropping elements doesn't cause the work as a whole to disintegrate. Well, one thing i've already done is print the Neverwinter map in full poster size.

I love having big tactile handouts like that, and the players appreciate it too, it becomes far more immersive. Do you know if there is a readily available Key for locations in Neverwinter? I did some browsing but didn't see one. I'll do some searching. If I find anything do you want to see it? Huh, well, i actually cannot find a map that has a lot of detail, or even a listing.

Most everything I see is tied to the videogame walkthrough, like you said. I thought there must be a 2e map of Neverwinter somewhere on the webs Ahrimon Bourbon and Dice. Ybecause maps are considered illegal. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Neverwinter Campaign Setting

A long time ago, I was a Forgotten Realms fan. The release of the original Grey Box set was a revelation, and the ongoing series of FR supplements which added detail and maps to the setting were fabulous. With those releases, a bare three years after I became a fan of the setting, I lost interest quickly. I returned to Greyhawk, and despite fans calling the 3E setting book the greatest ever and I did buy the book , I remained unconvinced. I remained unconvinced even through the blowing up of the Realms in 4E and the advancement of the timeline by about years. This year, Wizards returned to the setting with a campaign book for a small portion of it: the Neverwinter Campaign Setting. Yes, this is that good.


Neverwinter Campaign Setting (4E D&D) review

The book contains an introduction and four chapters: [1]. The Neverwinter Mass Adventure was released to attendees of GenCon as a preview of the book and a push towards Neverwinter themed products. Shannon Appelcline commented that with the sixth season of Encounters, Lost Crown of Neverwinter , 14 weeks , "Wizards used Season 6 to highlight their newest and last campaign book for 4E: the Neverwinter Campaign Setting Appelcline wrote about the Neverwinter Campaign Setting being launched as 4th edition's first major multimedia release, noting that the city setting spawned four novels by R. Laura Tommervik Wizards of the Coast marketing team explained the approach: "We use Neverwinter as the connective tissue across multiple product categories. The transmedia campaign is an opportunity for fans to experience the brand however they choose to". Perhaps twenty or so, Because of the imbalance, you'll quickly see certain ones become prevalent over others.



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