Pasar por una crisis personal, familiar o global puede ser confuso, desalentador y agotador. Answer the tough questions, take action, and learn to soar in a season of personal, family, or global crisis. Going through a personal, family, or global crisis can be confusing, discouraging, and exhausting. The outcome may even leave us paralyzed, not knowing what to do next or how to do it. In this book, Andres Panasiuk, one of the most renowned international leaders and conference speakers in the Spanish-speaking world, develops a guide that will answer the tough questions and provide actionable advice on how to leverage a personal, family, or global crisis into an opportunity for a better tomorrow for you and your family.

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As a writer, teacher and speaker, he reaches millions through his books, conferences, radio programs and TV interviews. In addition, he also is an expert in topics such as organizational leadership, family, and religion.

These non-profit organizations continue to advance the vision of Dr. Larry Burkett and Dr. Howard Dayton. They teach solid, timeless principles on financial stewardship, and promote financial literacy throughout the world.

His books have been recommended by leading Latin American figures and almost all of them have been nominated or won international awards.

His first book, won the Original Language Book of the Year Award in one of the most prominent international book fairs in the United States. His next six books were also nominated for international awards. Several of his writings have been translated to other languages and are currently distributed throughout the world. His voice has become well known among the Latino community through radio and television programs aired in more than 20 countries by hundreds of stations.

Many of his teachings and articles can also be found on the internet and Spanish-language publications. Panasiuk has a degree in Communications, with a focus on Interpersonal and Group Communications. He has received two Doctorate degrees honoris causa -one in Divinity and another in Business Administration.

He, his wife Rochelle and his three children live in Central and Northern Florida. Specialties: Teaching, motivational and public speaking, organizational leadership, leading change, interpersonal communications, intercultural relations, team management, vision-casting, financial literacy, Biblical principles on personal finances and business decision-making. Search for:. Who Is My Neighbour? Sun 11 Oct Book: Proverbs. Passage: Proverbs ; Proverbs Sun 4 Oct Book: Mark. Passage: Mark Recent Comments.

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