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A PNS contou com A Figura 1 ilustra o fluxo de perdas. Figura 1. O RDW foi classificado de acordo com os limites de normalidade propostos por Adeli et al. VCM: de 83,0 a 99,0 fl para o sexo masculino e de 82,4 a 96,4 fl para o feminino 19 ;.

HCM: de 27,9 a 33,9 pg para o sexo masculino e de 27,3 a 32,9 pg para o feminino 19 ;. Os dados foram analisados no software Stata v. Este estudo contou com amostra de 8. Tabela 1. Tabela 2. Tabela 3. No presente estudo, o mesmo foi observado entre homens. Iron deficiency anaemia: assessment, prevention, and control [Internet].

Genebra: World Health Organization; [acessado em 14 jul. The Global Burden of Anemia. Hematol Oncol Clin North Am ; 30 2 : World Health Organization. Genebra: World Health Organization ; [acessado em 14 jul. A systematic analysis of global anemia burden from to Blood ; 5 : Haas JD, Brownlie T4th. Iron deficiency and reduced work capacity: a critical review of the research to determine a causal relationship. J Nutr ; 2 : SS. Maternal anemia and risk of adverse birth and health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries: systematic review and meta-analysis.

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Malvezzi M. Complex biological profile of hematologic markers across pediatric, adult, and geriatric ages: establishment of robust pediatric and adult reference intervals on the basis of the Canadian Health Measures Survey. Clin Chem. Public Health Nutr ; 12 4 : Medicina Interna ; 23 4 : Le CHH.

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Anemia microcĂ­tica




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