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The son of Anjana. One with hands and legs powerful as that of lighting. One who supports and protects the helpless. The organizer of time. The Immortal one. The most radiant one. One who is faster than the mind. The son of wind god. The devotee of Rama.

The messenger of Rama. The destroyer of all illusions. The one who carries the Sanjivani hill. One who cures all ailments. The gallant one. A great speaker. One who is worshipped by Mainaka. One who has controlled all the senses. The remover of all worries. The one with very strong nails. The one who is born from the wind god. The gigantic one.

One who is youthful and a celibate. The Lord of Monkeys. The protector of the downtrodden. The four armed one. One who has helped Bhima. The most powerful one. Vibhishana Priyakara. One who is highly regarded by Vibhishana. One who can change his form at his will. Sugriva Sachiva. The minister of Sugriva. The most valorous one. One who is born from the womb of Anjana. The one who destroyed the Asoka orchard of Ravan.

The slayer of Aksha. Bavishya Chaturana. One who is aware of the future. The ten armed one. Courageous one. The destroyer of the demon clan. Daitya Karya Vidyhyataka. Dhruta Vrata.

One who observes a rigorous discipline. Gandharva Vidya Tatvangna. One who is an expert in the art of the celestial beings. One with puffy cheeks.

One who has swallowed the sun. The head of the army of monkeys. Kesari nandan. The son of Kesari. Kalanemi Pramathana. The slayer of kalanemi asura. The lord of the monkeys. One who frees from the prison. The golden colored one. The one who slayed Lankini, the guardian angel of Lanka. One who is worshipped by all. Son of wind god. The supreme being. The most courageous one. Mahabala Parikrama. The one with a great strength. The great scholar. One with a cheerful disposition.

Paravidhya parihara. One who destroys the wisdom of his enemies. The pink eyed one. The five faced one. The remover of all sorrows and hurdles. One who can easily travel to all the worlds. The one who cures all diseases. One who leapt over the ocean. News Astrology Hindu Mythology Hanuman names with meaning. This story is from July 27, Hanuman names with meaning Jul 27, , IST. Lord Hanuman. Navbharat Times.

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Hanuman names with meaning

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Sri Anjaneya Sahasranama Stothram | శ్రీ ఆంజనేయా సహస్రనామ స్తోత్రం



Sri Anjaneya Sahasranamam


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