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Own this item for. Overview Warranties and Docs Reviews. There are effective, extremely musical 3-band EQs with semi-parametric mid bands plus switchable low-cut filters on all mono channels. You will also find the integrated bit digital stereo FX processor with 99 great-sounding Virtualizer presets.

Every crucial development stage of the new UB Series has Uli Behringer's name on it - literally: from the design study to the circuitry layout to the mechanical makeup of the consoles.

He has personally selected each and every individual component, all with the goal of squeezing the very most out of every single one of them. These consoles have been pushed as far as the technology permits to-date. Features Ultra low-noise ULN design, highest possible headroom, ultra-transparent audio 6 new state-of-the-art, studio-grade IMP "Invisible" Mic Preamps with: dB dynamic range for bit, kHz sampling rate inputs Ultra-wide 60 dB gain range Lowest possible distortion 0.

It matches or exceeds the performance of outboard mic preamps. You get extreme bandwidth of 5 Hz to kHz coupled to unusually neutral, noise- and distortion-free circuitry. The result of perfect design. Almost unmeasurable distortion for your signal integrity. They use the finer resolution of 24 bits, which divides the signals' loudest-to-softest dynamic range into 16,, steps, allowing for far more accurate rendering of the quieter parts of the audio. Audio signals change constantly, so a digital device must capture these changes as faithfully as possible.

The higher the sampling rate, the better. The consoles use a sampling rate of 46, times per second. To capture any given frequency, a digital signal's sampling rate must be roughly twice that frequency. The sampling rate of 46 kHz is more than adequate for capturing all signals in the audible range - the human ear cannot hear the sounds whose frequency is higher than 20 kHz.

It is based on extremely low-impedance components that keep thermal inherent noise and crosstalk at an absolute minimum. The result: your console is considerably less noisy and crosstalk between neighboring channels is virtually non-existent.

One of the great advantages is that compared to conventional circuits a switch-mode power supply adapts to mains voltages between and volts automatically. Furthermore, due to its much greater efficiency, it consumes much less energy than a conventional supply unit.

Even more important is the fact that conventional transformers always induce 50 Hz hum check it out on other mixers when you turn up all volume controls. Their switch-mode supply operates at very high frequency and therefore keeps the mixer "dead" quiet. Behringer Warranty. Quality: I bought it two months ago as a "spare" while my Mackie went into the shop for a blown input channel after 5 rugged years of service.

Now, everybody in the band wants to keep the Mackie as a sparethe is what they like. They like the sound of their vocals and the overall vocal blend better than with the Mackie. Go figure! Manufacturer Support: E-mailed Behringer for a knob for a different item and received a response within 48 hours, with details and a repair website. The Wow Factor: It's "practical use" and handy features make it "sexy" to me and the other members of the band.

Monitor and effects cabling were really simplified. Channel peak meters make it easy to head off problems. Effects-off blinking indicator is useful live. Free rack mount. Overall: I'd buy another in a minute! Did you? Sound: Great sound. I hooked it up to my oscilloscope and put it through it's paces. You can make it distort but you really have to push it.

Running at 0 db it's as clean as you get. Feature: The built-in effects processor is a really nice feature but it would be nice if I had same adjustment instead of all presets. The individual channel peak indicators are a huge help in setup. Quality: I've had it for about 4 months. It's properly mounted in a 19" rack so it's not abused but it still travels around. So far so good. Value: Great product for the money. Manufacturer Support: No need for support yet but I'll give Behringer points for their excellent website.

Maybe you like this sort of thing. Overall: I don't change mixers frequently. If it works I'd rather stay flexible by submixing. I'll use this one for 10 years if it lasts. I'd buy it again. I like the fact that they let you use the built-in equalization for either main or monitor.

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