A leaking dishwasher is usually a sign of a worn door gasket or door seal, which can deteriorate over time. Checking the seal for hardness, cracks or bulges will confirm if it is faulty and necessitating replacement. However, a leakage from your DW dishwasher could also be the result of a poorly locking door latch, a loose hose clamp or the hose itself being worn. If the water is not draining from your DW dishwasher this can often be more complicated to diagnose and it may be more suitable to contact a repair professional. Aside from a blockage in the strainer which should be removed and cleaned regularly , the fault may lie with the pump, the motor or the solenoid which controls the drain valve.

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Login or Sign Up. Beko DW not working - all lights solid. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Beko DW not working - all lights solid , PM. Hi, I have a beko dw half dishwasher and it wont work. All lights are on and solid, so that's the 5 green circles under the programs and the play icon. Thanks, James. Tags: None. Re: Beko DW not working - all lights solid A little bit late for a reply, but it may help a few others as I searched for the answer to this myself and couldn't find one.

Remove the door panel by removing the screws around the rim on the inside of the door. You'll also need to remove the metal door cover, again this is done by removing the screws around the rim on the inside of the door. It's difficult to tell them apart from the heads, but the outer two at the top and middle two on the sides hold on the door panel and the rest hold on the metal cover, so be sure to remove them in this order. To be sure, if you unscrew a short screw, put it back in until you find the four that hold on the door panel.

Once the door and metal cover is off you'll notice a grey housing just under the control panel. You need to unclip this to get to the control board. Once exposed remove all the connections to the board and unclip it from the housing. Replace with the new one and connect the cables. There's a tricky connection in the bottom right hand corner of the board. The board has two slots, but the connection has one ridge, so it can fit in to either slot.

I put it in the top one and it worked fine. You then just need to put everything back in reverse. It took me around 20 minutes in total, most of which was messing around with getting the door on and off. Good luck! Comment Post Cancel. Re: Beko DW not working - all lights solid This my first post so wanted to say hello. Anyhow, My Beko DW developed exactly the same fault. I've been to few places and everyone says this module is no longer available. Is that really true?

Decided to register here and ask for help. Do I really have to buy a new dishwasher or there is a way to purchase that part somehow? Thanks for any help. Re: Beko DW not working - all lights solid This pcb is still available and the part number is Send a message to the site shop here and they should be able to source for you.

Experience is that marvellous thing that enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again. Re: Beko DW not working - all lights solid Amazing.

Purchased and replaced the part. Dishwasher works again, it's a 30 min, easy job, with tea included Thanks a lot for help. Re: Beko DW not working - all lights solid Good to see that the system worked, I never saw any tea though :?

It sounds as if this is also the Beko model referred to in the correspondence but I can't find any of the other reference numbers referred to on my machine. I feel confident enough to attempt to replace the part, but want to be as sure as possible that I'll be buying the right one.

Can you help me please? Cheap Spare Parts. Yes No. OK Cancel.



The test cycle will run through each of the dishwashers functions in short order to try and pin down the source of the malfunction. The test cycle will follow this sequence, and stop at any point at which it detects a fault, displaying the relevant error code:. Action: Check dishwasher is switched on. Check mains power. Symptom: Dishwasher not filling sufficiently before timeout. Pouring boiling water into the sump may fix the issue temporarily.


Beko DW450 Installation Manual

Login or Sign Up. Beko DW not working - all lights solid. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:.


BEKO DW450 Manuals

With AAA energy rating, 5 programmes, and space for 31 plates in lower basket, this slim line integrated dishwasher is ideal for apartments and modestly sized kitchens. If you're looking to buy accessories for your Beko appliance, consider the suggestions below. For more options, visit our dedicated Beko parts and accessories website where we stock the entire range of genuine Beko spares and accessories for all our models. The DW comes with a 1 year guarantee as standard.

ISO 13216-1 PDF

3 Steps to Solving the Mystery of the Clogged Beko Dishwasher

For screen reader problems with this website, please call 8 1 5 9 3 2 5 2 0 0 Standard carrier rates apply to texts. But, if you currently have a Beko dishwasher that happened to get clogged - as dishwashers sometimes do - follow these steps to find where the clog is coming from. Step One: Run the Garbage Disposal. Usually, dishwashers drain into the garbage disposal, but sometimes if there is too much food left in your sink drain, your dishwasher will have difficulty draining — thus getting clogged. Step Two: Check the Filters. Oftentimes, the number one culprit for a clogged dishwasher is the filter getting blocked with food pieces and other debris from previous cleaning cycles. Open your dishwasher and pull the bottom rack all the way out.

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