La deficiencia de yodo es un problema de salud importante en gran parte del mundo. El espectro de los trastornos por deficiencia de yodo TDY incluye retardo mental, hipotiroidismo , bocio , y grados variables de otras anormalidades del crecimiento y del desarrollo 4. Todos los efectos adversos de la deficiencia de yodo en animales y humanos son colectivamente denominados trastornos por deficiencia de yodo revisado en 1. El agrandamiento de la tiroides , o bocio , es uno de los signos tempranos y mas visibles de la deficiencia de yodo. La deficiencia de yodo durante el embarazo puede resultar en hipotiroidismo en mujeres. Los efectos del hipotiroidismo materno en la descendencia dependen en el tiempo y severidad de la deficiencia de yodo in utero.

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Kamila P. Martins 2. Fonseca 2. Emanoelly S. Silva 3. Thayanne C. Munhoz 2. Gustavo H. Dias 3. Glauco J. Galiza 4. Luiz G. Oliveira 5. Fabiana M. Na segunda propriedade Propriedade B uma vaca e seu feto foram acometidos e na terceira Propriedade C dois bezerros foram afetados.

Goiter is a non-inflammatory and non-neoplastic enlargement of the thyroid gland in adults and neonates. One of the main causes involved is the nutritional deficiency of iodine. In this study three outbreaks of goiter in cattle are reported. In the first outbreak Farm A 60 calves were affected, of which 20 died soon after birth, 30 recovered and 10 remained sick. In the second outbreak Farm B a cow and its fetus were affected and in the third outbreak Farm C two calves were affected.

The main clinical signs observed were bilaterally enlarged thyroid glands, weight loss, respiratory distress, hypotrichosis and myxedema. Additionally in the Farm A abortions were reported. Macroscopically the thyroid of the calves and fetus was enlarged, dark red with evident vascularization and cervical subcutaneous edema.

In the Farm B the cow showed enlarged thyroid gland as well. Microscopically the calves and the fetus had hyperplastic and heterogeneous thyroid follicles with absence of colloid and vascularized interstitium. The thyroid of the cow was also hyperplastic, but had higher amount of colloid. In all outbreaks the mineral supplementation was performed by mixing non-iodized white salt with the mineral mixture.

On the property A the white salt was non-iodized and mixed in equal parts with the mineral salt. At property B the salt was also mixed to a non-iodized white salt in ratio and , respectively. In all the monitored properties it was recommended to stop the addition of white salt in the mineral mixture and the administration of iodine to the affected calves.

After these measurements no new cases were observed in the properties. Despite being a well-known disease, there are still few reported cases of goiter in cattle in Brazil. Moreover, little is known about the actual mineral deficiencies of each region, and that simple nutritional management guidelines are still needed. Nesta propriedade um bezerro Gir, com oito dias de idade, morreu e foi encaminhado para o exame de necropsia.

A vaca da Propriedade B apresentava estado corporal ruim. O tecido intersticial estava amplamente vascularizado. HE, obj. Almeida O. Amorim S. Blaxter K. Severe experimental hyperthyroidism in the ruminant. Physiological effects. Campbell A. An outbreak of severe iodine-deficiency goiter in a sheep flock in north-east Victoria. Campos K. Capen C. The endocrine glands, p. In: Jubb K. Eds , Pathology of Domestic Animals.

Academic Press, San Diego. Cunningham J. In: Ibid. Elsevier, Rio de Janeiro. Dantas A. Nonfunctional thyroglobulin messenger RNA in goats with hereditary congenital goiter. Djokovic R. Endocrine and metabolic status of dairy cows during transition period. Thai J.

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Fiore E. Serum thyroid hormone evaluation during transition periods in dairy cows. Fish R. Effects of excessive intakes of iodine upon growth and thyroid function of growing holteins heifers. Dairy Sci. S 82 Frankson R. Endocrinologia, p. In: Ibid Eds , Anatomia e fisiologia dos animais de fazenda. Fuge R. Soils and iodine deficiency, p. In: Sellinus O. Eds , Essentials of Medical Geology. Spinger, Netherland. Gross T. Hellwig C.

Experimental goiter due to calcium. Hemken R. S 70 Goitrogenic effects of a corn silage-soybean meal supplemented ration. S 71 X. Ikeda T. Dramatic synergism between excess soybean intake and iodine deficiency on the development of rat thyroid hyperplasia.

Carcinogenesis 21 4 Jones T. Kashyap D. Therapeutic management of goiter in calves. Intas Polivet 16 1 Kumar A. Caesarean section for treatment of fetal dystocia due to goitre in a doe. Intas Polivet 15 2 La Perle K.

In: Zachary J.



Managing trace element deficiencies. Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile. R ; Vaz, V The objective was to compare the response of pigs to vaccines prepared by each of the Centers from an identical source of antigen. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract The prevalence of certain cattle diseases in Suriname was studied over the period June-August Epidemiologia de las enfermedades del ganado bovino en Suriname. The diseases were selected for their economic importance and association observed in the cattle with respiratory diseases, reproductive inefficiency, and neonatal mortality. Determination of iodine in food samples by bovinoa coupled plasma mass spectrometry after alkaline extraction.



Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. In order to study a bovine bull sire of high genetic value having a progressive decrease of the body weight, the behavior of this parameter was recorded during two years. Periodic clinical evaluations were carried out until the sacrifice of this animal due to not being recovered. The anatomorphological study showed the presence of tissue changes in the thyroid glands being in correspondence with the adenomatous multinodullar colloid goiter. View PDF.





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