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Clinical, radiographic and scintigraphic aspects of the trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis; Caracterizacao clinica , radiografica e cintilografica da osteoartrose trapeziometacarpiana. Trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis occurs mainly in women during the menopausal period.

It is related to manual activities and is usually bilateral. The onset is insidious and the evolution is slow and progressive. It is characterized by of strength and pain in the basis of the thumb resulting in limitation of the use and function of the hand. The diagnosis of this condition is based on the physical examination.

The manouver of compression axial-rotation of the trapezimetacarpal joint is a common positive finding. Typical findings of osteoarthritis are present in the radiological studies. Scintigraphic images have a predictive value.

The early diagnosis is important to avoid the risk factors and to prevent disabilities of the hand. Possibilities of radiographic digitalisation in dental clinics; Possibilidades de digitalizacao radiografica na clinica odontologica.

Zenobio, Madelon A. In the evolution diagnostic processes by image, the improvement of the intrabucal radiographic sensibility generated and digitalized is today, of great expressiveness in the evolution and effectiveness in the odontological area.

This methodology applicability as a possibility of a more precise and accurate diagnostic formulation among other advantages, justifies this technique use. This paper intends to, thorough the literature magazine and clinic case presentations to show its applicability in the daily odontological clinic, and specially, in the periodonty area.

La filosofia clinica di Wittgenstein. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Seguiremo inizialmente i cambiamenti nella concezione del linguaggio e del significato del filosofo austriaco utilizzandoli come traccia per registrare le corrispondenti revisioni degli obiettivi, delle tecniche e delle forme del far filosofia da lui proposte. Cercheremo poi di analizzare la pratica filosofica prospettata dal Wittgenstein maturo evidenziandone alcuni aspetti che ci consentiranno di qualificarla come clinica.

Book review. Semeiologia Clinica Veterinaria. La semeiotica insegna ad allenare i propri sensi: a guardare attraverso l'osservazione diretta e indiretta, a sentire ascoltando suoni o rumori, a percepire sensazioni tattili e, non da ultimo, a saper discernere con cognizione e competenza quando ricorrere alle indagini strumentali e di laboratorio; sempre e comunque nella consapevolezza che non possono in nessun modo sostituire l'esame fisico diretto del paziente.

Comparison of three contrast radiographic techniques in the dog large intestine; Comparacion de tres tecnicas radiograficas de contraste en el intestino grueso del perro. Vargas, L. In order to compare three radiographic techniques -pneumocolon, barium enema and double contrast- in the large intestine of the dog, three radiographic series in ventrodorsal and right lateral projections were taken. Six healthy adult dogs of both sexes with an approximate weight between 5 to 10 kg were used.

Three enemas were administered 24, 12 and 2 hrs. Radiographs were taken in both projections, after 5 and 15min. In the third series -double contrast- the barium sulfate, which was obtained from each dog using a catheter, was substituted by a volume of air equal to that obtained from the contrast medium. Later the radiographs were taken in both projections.

The radiographic plates of each series were analized comparing the characteristics of: radiographic density, outline and volume. With the pneumocolon barium enema and double contrast, the radiographic density was, in most cases, low, high and inter-mediate respectively. The radiographic outline was, in most cases, regular for the three techniques. Thee radiographic volume was similar in all of the series. From the results obtained, it is concluded that double contrast best outlines the intestinal mucosa and more information can be obtained from it [Spanish] Con la finalidad de comparar tres tecnicas radiograficas del intestino grueso del perro -neumocolon, enema baritado y doble contraste-, se tomaron tres series radiograficas en proyeccion ventrodorsal y lateral derecha en 6 perros adultos, de 5 a 10 kg de peso, que.

Scientific communication knowledge is specifically based in the analysis of the bibliographic references inside the publications. Pattern and laws determining the information consumption in the items of the journal Medicina Clinica are investigated in the present study as its own aim. An analysis was performed on the 13, references downloaded from papers published by the journal in With dBASE IV was generated a database for the management of the information; data was distributed in several tables through criteria of age, documentary types, countries, journals and Bradford zones.

The analysed references belong to 1, different journals, from Spain. Being two thirds of the total sum, the publications from United States and United Kingdom have received more citations than those from Spain.

The publications from european countries, like France, Germany and Italy, are scarcely present. Bradford core is constituted by the journals Medicina Clinica and The Lancet. Pier Diego Siccardi and the " Clinica del Lavoro" in the trench warfare. The year marks the centenary of the death of the Italian scientist Pier Diego Siccardi , one of Luigi Devoto's assistants at the " Clinica del Lavoro" in Milan. To commemorate Siccardi and to describe the activities of the physicians of the " Clinica del Lavoro" during World War I.

A comprehensive analysis was conducted on scientific papers written by Pier Diego Siccardi and by other physicians belonging to the Clinica del Lavoro, in the period During the Great War, the Clinica del Lavoro became a military hospital, even though it indirectly maintained a role in Occupational Health, assisting women who had started to work to replace the men sent to the front.

Devoto and his assistants were drafted as Army doctors, but continued their research activities while at the front; focusing on the diseases that affected the soldiers, mainly infections. Bleeding fevers and jaundice were endemic among Italian troops, but their etiology was unknown.

Pier Diego Siccardi identified this syndrome as an infection caused by a spirochete, and was the first one to isolate the infectious agent.

Siccardi prematurely died of the same disease as a consequence of a laboratory accident, which provided further confirmation for his research.

The heroic life of Siccardi and his tragic death testify the important activities of the scientists of the " Clinica del Lavoro" in the years of the Great War. Oncology patients hospitalized in the Clinicas Hospital Dr. Manuel Quintela. Arostegui, M. This work was carried out by a nursery licensed group in the Clinicas Hospital - Dr. The nature and functioning of Services and the allocation of resources, are essential for the analysis of the Survey of the hospitalized oncology patients in the Institution.

To develop a model of care that constitutes a health care as well as teaching and research in the country regarding the quality of care was defined the following topics: lower risks for the patient, safer care, personal trained and specialized to promote relationship between the offering and the person receiving the service.

The assessment and management performance of the services involved in the operation are the result of the degree of user satisfaction. Objective: To determine the human and material necessary for the care of cancer resources users, considering their number, treatment, complications and nursing care derived from each pathology and stage of disease.

Other instruments used were the clinical history and the daily census staff Patients and Nursing Division. Results and conclusions: A comparative descriptive analysis already mentioned are: increased internships and cancer patients; between 50 and 64 is the highest number of patients; diagnoses Face and Neck and maintain the Digestive System more cases; the number of patients doubles and Hematology Neurological from one to another period. Chemotherapy is the treatment choice and there is a decrease in the surgical and medical; more patients in the study; in the origin, Montevideo has the largest number of patients followed by Canelones.

Line of nursing intervention will be carried out in short, medium and long term. Construction of a homogeneous phantom for radiographic image standardization; Construcao de um fantoma homogeneo para padronizacao de imagens radiograficas. The principle of radiodiagnosis consists in the fact the X-ray beam is attenuated at different degrees by distinct tissues.

For this reason, the anatomical structures have distinct radiological opacities, that produce the radiographic image. The objective of this work is the sensitometric valuation of a screen-film combination, that is still the most used, for the standardization, of radiographic images.

Thinking about this, were constructed homogeneous phantoms of the chest, skull and pelvis, for the calibration of X-ray beams, with the purpose of obtaining radiographic images of good quality, basing in the routine of a radiodiagnosis service and in the scientific knowledge. Questions were approached about the choice of the suitable equipment, that allow the obtention of k Vp and m As combinations, to produce radiographic images of good quality, and the reproduction of these combinations to any conventional equipment of diagnostic X-rays.

Imaging and image-based measurements nowadays play an essential role in controlled clinical trials, but electronic data capture EDC systems insufficiently support integration of captured images by mobile devices e. The web application Open Clinica has established as one of the world's leading EDC systems and is used to collect, manage and store data of clinical trials in electronic case report forms eCRFs. In this paper, we present a mobile application for instantaneous integration of images into Open Clinica directly during examination on patient's bed site.

Open Clinica 's web services are used to query context information e. A stable image transfer is ensured and progress information e. The workflow is demonstrated for a European multi-center registry, where patients with calciphylaxis disease are included.

Our approach improves the EDC workflow, saves time, and reduces costs. Furthermore, data privacy is enhanced, since storage of private health data on the imaging devices becomes obsolete. Evaluation of skin entry kerma in radiological examinations at the Hospital de Clinicas , Parana, Brazil.

Porto, Lorena E. This paper evaluates the skin entry dose of pediatric and adults patients when submitted to radiological examinations at the Hospital de Clinicas do Parana, Brazil, as part integrate of the data assessment of International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA for Latin America. The obtained data demonstrate the necessity of verification of diagnostic analysis standards. The great value amplitudes demonstrate the incompatibility of examination executions with those recommended by the literature.

The dose values presented partially inside the range recommended and the other over the expected for the due examination when compared with the literature. Evaluation of skin entry kerma in radiological examinations at the Hospital de Clinicas , Parana, Brazil; Avaliacao de kerma de entrada na pele em exames radiologicos no Hospital de Clinicas do Parana, Brasil.

Hospital de Clinicas; Khoury, Helen J. Know your audience: analysis of chief complaints at clinica esperanza, a student-run free clinic in memphis, tennessee. To identify the chief complaints and demographics at Clinica Esperanza, a student-run free clinic for an underserved Hispanic population. A retrospective chart review of patient files from through was undertaken, as approved by the University of Tennessee Health Science Center's Institutional Review Board.

From through , Clinica Esperanza fielded patient visits, consisting of unique patients, females and males. Resulting data have led to several improvements. The clinic has remained open weekly to improve patient continuity. With the top 10 chief complaints identified, they are better addressed. More funding is allocated for speculums and proper training of Pap smear technique. Systematic reporting of lab results is being implemented. Physical therapists and pharmacists now participate to address musculoskeletal and medication-based needs, respectively.

A volunteer gastroenterologist has been recruited to provide specialized care for abdominal pain. An electrocardiogram machine is now used to evaluate chest pain.


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