Quelldatei ist die Eingabe, Ausgabedatei die Ausgabe. Das Zielformat wird durch die Dateiendung von Ausgabedatei bestimmt. Ausgabedatei kann auch das Spezialformat. Nach der Angabe von Quell- und Ausgabedatei kann die Konvertierung noch durch die Angabe verschiedener Optionen angepasst werden. Die komplette Dokumentation des Konvertierungssystems findet sich unter eBook Konvertierung. Geben Sie das Eingabeprofil an.

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Suche Erweiterte Suche. Benachrichtigungen Einstellungen. Nach oben. Bei P2P wird ihnen geholfen. Ich denke auch nicht, dass Amazon diesen Download so schnell abschalten wird. Oder aus dem Bereich "Meine Inhalte" runterladen, geht auch. Das ist auf diese Art nur schwer endnutzertauglich abbildbar.

They cannot be transferred using the "Device" view. The main file for the book will have an ". When locating books it may be helpful to sort "My Kindle Content" by date so that the newest book sub-folders appear first. On e-ink Kindle devices connected via USB, the main file for each book is contained in the "documents" folder. These contain both the title of the book and the ASIN. Books in KFX format will have a ".

Once located, the main file can be imported to calibre using "Add Books" function "Add books from a single directory" or using drag-and-drop. Be patient. The import process is complex and may take a minute or more to complete for a large book. If successful the result will will appear as KFX format in the calibre library. Information on the reason for import failure can be obtained from a log file. Click the calibre Preferences drop-down menu and choose "Restart in debug mode". Re-import the book and then close calibre.

A log file will appear. Import - Behind the scenes: Calibre handles all e-book formats as a single file, however books in KFX format are usually composed of multiple KFX container files. A command line interface is also available. See below. See "Importing KFX books into calibre" above for instructions. Those contain only part of the book's content and cannot be converted individually. This plugin allows conversion of KPF, so that the author has greater control over the finished book.

This plugin will fail to convert files that contain unexpected data, such as new or uncommon KFX features. You can force conversion to proceed despite these errors by selecting the option "Allow conversion to complete even if errors are detected" in the KFX Input tab of the conversion dialog. However, in that case the results of conversion may be incomplete or incorrect. If the option to ignore errors is selected or if the results of a conversion appear to be incorrect, it is recommended that the conversion job log be checked for errors and warnings.

Please report problems in this MobileRead thread. You can view the conversion job log after an error occurs to see additional information on why the conversion failed.

To access the log, either click on the "Jobs: 0" label in the lower right corner of the calibre window or use the Alt-Shift-J keyboard shortcut to activate the Jobs dialog. Select the failed conversion job from the list the most recent will be first and click the "Show job details" button. To copy the log to the clipboard under Windows, click within the log text then press Ctrl-A select all and Ctrl-C copy. You can then paste it wherever you like.

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