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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 3 5. The casing is tamper-resistant, it can withstand vibration, humidity, dust and fluctuating temperatures, for example in buses and trains. The FCS is a palm-sized, discreet network camera specifically designed for mass transit vehicles. Page 6: Dimensions Dimensions Definition for each connector will be given as follows.

Page 8: System Requirements System Requirements To perform the IP Camera via web browser, please ensure your PC is in good network connection, and meet system requirements as described below. Items System Requirement 1. Wait for one minute to re-search the IP Camera. Double click on the IP Camera, and the login window will appear. Page Recording Software Recording Software The product software CD also contains recording software- IP CamSecure, allowing simultaneous monitoring and video recording for multiple network cameras.

Please install the recording software; then launch the program to add the Network Camera to the Channel list. In this chapter, information about main page introduction, system related settings and camera settings will be described in detail.

Page 17 System setting The administrator can set host name, system time, root password, network related settings, etc. Further details will be interpreted in chapter System. Streaming setting The administrator can modify video resolution and rotate type and select audio compression mode in this page. There are several function buttons on the Home page. Detailed information of each item is as described in the following chapter.

Snapshot button Click on the button and the JPEG snapshots will automatically be saved in the appointed place. To change the storage location, please refer to File Location for further details. Page 21 Host Name The name is for camera identification. The maximum length of the Host Name is 30 characters. Time Zone Select the time zone you are in from the drop-down menu. Page Security 4. User name can be up to 16 characters, and the maximum length of the password is 14 characters. The new user will be displayed in the user name list.

Page Https 4. Please refer to the last part of this section: Provide the Certificate Information for more details. NOTE: The self-signed certificate does not provide the same high level of security as when using a CA-issued certificate. Page Ip Filter 4. Page Ieee Up to IP address entries may be specified. Page Network 4. Once the port is changed, the user must be notified the change for the connection to be successful. Page Qos 4. QoS allows providing differentiated service levels for different types of traffic packets, which guarantees delivery of priority services especially when network congestion occurs.

Page Upnp 4. Page Ddns 4. In other words, it allows those using a dynamic IP address to be associated to a static domain name so others can connect to it by name. Page Mail 4. SMTP is a protocol for sending e-mail messages between servers. SMTP is a relatively simple, text-based protocol, where one or more recipients of a message are specified and the message text is transferred. Page Ftp 4. Users can assign alarm message to up to two FTP sites. Enter the FTP details, which include server, server port, user name, password and remote folder, in the fields.

Page Http 4. Page Motion Detection 4. Page 44 Up 10 Motion Detection Windows can be set. If Motion Detection function is activated, the pop-off window Motion with indication of motion will be shown.

If the value is set as 3, it means within the detection region, system will take one sampling pixel for every 3 pixels by each row and each column refer to the figure below. The setting range is from 1 to seconds. Page 47 various parameters. When motion is detected, event images will be sent to the appointed e-mail address. Page Network Failure Detection 4. Being capable of implementing local recording through Micro SD card when network failure happens, the IP Camera could be a backup recording device for the surveillance system.

Page 50 is from 1 to 99 minutes. Triggered Action Multi-option The Administrator can specify alarm actions that will take when network failure is detected. Page Tampering 4. Tampering Alarm function helps the IP Camera against tampering such as deliberate redirection, blocking, paint spray, and lens cover, etc through video analysis and reaction to such events by sending out notifications or uploading snapshots to the specified destination s.

Page 52 Tampering Duration Minimum Tampering Duration is the time for video analysis to determine whether camera tampering has occurred. Minimum Duration could also be interpreted as defining the Tampering threshold; longer duration represents higher threshold. Settable Tampering Duration time range is from 10 to seconds.

The Default value is 20 seconds. Triggered Action Multi-option The Administrator can specify alarm actions that will take when tampering is detected. Page 53 appointed FTP site. Refer to Mail for further details. Page Storage Management Local Recording 4. This page shows the capacity information of the Micro SD card and a recording list with all the recording files saved on the memory card.

Page Recording Local Recording 4. In the Recording setting page, the Micro SD Card recording schedule supports up to ten sets of time frames. User can specify the recording schedule to fit the present surveillance requirement. Users can specify a storage location on the PC or in the hard drive for the snapshots and live video recording.

Page View Information 4. Page User Information 4. Page Parameters 4. Page Factory Default 4. Users can follow the instructions on this page to reset the IP Camera to factory default setting if needed.

Then the system will restart in 30 seconds. Page Software Version 4. The current software version is displayed in the software version page. Page Software Upgrade 4. NOTE: Make sure the upgrade software file is available before carrying out software upgrade.

The procedure of software upgrade is as below: Step 1. NOTE: Do not change the upgrade file name, or the system will fail to find the file. Page 65 exists or not first, and then begin to upload the upgrade file. Subsequently, the upgrade status bar will display on the page. After the upgrade process is finished, the viewer will return to Home page. Step 4. Page Maintenance 4. Users can export configuration files to a specified location and retrieve data by uploading an existing configuration file to the IP Camera.

Export Users can save the system settings by exporting the configuration file. In the Streaming submenus, the Administrator can configure specific video resolution, video compression mode, video protocol, audio transmission mode, etc. Further details of these settings will be specified in the following sections.

The maximum length of the string is 20 alphanumeric characters. Video Rotate Type Users can change video display type if necessary. Page 70 the setting range for H. Display Compression Information Users can also decide whether to display compression information on the Home page.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Page 3 5.


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