Jun 13, I know this camera is excellent but I haven't a clue how to really work it apart from the casual shot of someone smiling stupidly at me. Can someone please recommend a good book to start learning with? The best book you can get is the manual. Read it over and over. Take notes, take page numbers and try what you see that you like or want to do.

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Just ordered one from "big online seller". Upgrading from A Anybody else thinking of upgrading? Congrats to you Oleg. I'll look forward to your photos and experiences. By all accounts it is a wonderful camera. I'm still very happy with my a33 and I promised my husband that I wouldn't be upgrading it until it dies : plus, I just invested in a very nice somewhat pricey compact that I'm having lots of fun with 99 months ago permalink.

Looked at one yesterday Very nice camera, super fast I was drooling over it, but not sure I want to spend the money to upgrade from a I see the 57 as one for first-time buyers of a good camera not as an upgrade, at least not this year. I've been looking to upgrade my a55 for a camera with better video frame rate and focus peaking for manual lenses. After 3 hour tests with the a77 and a57, I'm leaning towards the a57 for it's slightly better high-ISO performance.

The differences between the a55 and a57 are all fairly minor, but they add up to make a much more complete camera, IMO. One of the things that I reallly like about my a33 is the size. I just don't want to go bigger than what I have. I'm able to fit it in my purse with my in a pinch. I would actually like an upgrade that is a smaller footprint to be truthful. I've been attracted to the NEX 7 but, I don't really want another camera system.

By the time I'm ready to upgrade I guess I'll worry about it then. In the meantime it is fun to see what will evolve. Hopefully my photography will evolve in that time too! I compared an a57 with an a65 at a local store today and the viewfinder of the a65 was very nice.

I'm not so sure how useful the a65's 24mp are on a aps-c sensor though, since I'm fairly certain you would need a killer lens to resolve all those compacted pixels. The a57 seems like a more refined a55 which indeed makes a great camera I'm an a55 owner.

Many very happy 5N users. What were your thoughts on this? Months ago I compared an a55 with an a35 at another store before I purchased my a55 and I could sense the a35's efv was a little better. So, I wouldn't be surprised if the a57 may have the same evf as the a35, though these tests are pretty subjective 98 months ago permalink.

AVD - Thanks for commenting on the 16mp sensor. Reviews had given me the impression that this was an updated 16mp sensor. The a57 sensor may be the same, but the processor is newer. Originally posted 98 months ago. JD-Ahhh I forgot about the processor technology. AVD Several reviews eg Techradar suggest its a newer processor.

I was thinking of buying the A57 then came across a great used deal on the A55, but was too slow and missed out. I am borrowing an A35 at the moment and as a m43 and Nex user I quite like the small size of the A35 Same size as the A But I have never used an A57 to compare.

Or did you quickly become used to the bigger size or perhaps find it better ergonomically? I've held an a57 at a local best buy store and comparing it to my a55 I have medium sized man hands the grip seemed to fill my hand better and did feel more like it was an extension of my arm, if that makes sense.

Never bought a camera body from them but the lenses I've bought usually come in great condition 92 months ago permalink. I know what you mean about the grip on the A57 having tried one briefly in a shop - I guess there are advantages and disadvantages to a smaller camera.

I would not say money is no object - but I could stretch to the price of the A57 and in many ways it makes more sense despite the bigger size, it as as you say a more refined camera and an improved version of the A Originally posted 92 months ago.

Best to go with the second generation A, much newer camera, the first generation ones are almost 3 years old now. Thanks - didn't realise they were that old. They arent. Barely 2 years old. I am thinking of going with the a57 but need some feedback about the EVF when shooting sports. I have the a33 so first gen EVF and got used to it very quickly. I've not shot a lot of sports: minor league professional hockey with original kit. Dance performances and air show this past summer no problems.

My preference for the EVF is to have the auto-review off as well as the auto eye off. I just do a slight press with the shutter and the EVF will start to focus. I would try it out in the store with the review on as well as off so that you can get an idea of how it operates. The EVF was easy for me to acclimate to, but it might be due to my style of shooting. For night sky shots, I really appreciate the flip down LCD for reviewing and adjusting settings when the camera is setup on tripod.

Bit late on this but if anyone is still interested I had an A55 which I loved but was stolen and so I had the opportunity to replace under insurance. In the end I went for the A57 for a number of reasons. The NX7 was perhaps more curiosity than anything as I couldn't see myself having to re-invest in lenses, filters, etc.

Like many people I liked the compact size of the A55 but having used the A57 for a while now, I actually prefer the feel in my hand and although it's a bit heavier, the battery life is better. The improvements to the buttons at your fingertips is also great with a dedicated ISO button and WB on one of the controller arrows. Also, no overheating issues when using video that I had with the A The upgraded and larger EVF of the A57 is fantastic giving a complete preview of the shot when you change exposure, white balance, etc.

So why did I go for the A57 rather than the A65? Firstly, did I really need the extra megapixels and the storage space that would require - pictures I took with the A55 were great IQ and the A57 are even better and I'm not into pixel peeeping. Secondly, I generally take jpegs and many reviews said the jpegs on the A65 were 'mushy' and really need to take RAW to get the most out of the sensor and I just haven't got the time to process RAW. There is also the debate around the high ISO performance and whilst there are a lot of people who say this is a fallacy, it was another factor.

Also, there is a well documented exposure issue when using an external flash with the A65, which the A57 doesn't have. One thing A57 hasn't got is the GPS and whilst I quite liked the feature it wasn't a deal breaker for me.

Someone commented that the A57 has a Bionz processor, same as the A But, not all Bionz processors are created equal. Unlike Canon and Nikon, Sony doesn't share with us the version of the Bionz processor as part of their branding.

But be assured, the Bionz processor in the A57 is improved over that in the A Originally posted 90 months ago. Newgumshoe : Well reasoned. Always amazed how rumours rather than facts, cloud peoples viewpoints. He physically was able to examine the a65 to make the best decision for his needs. I like the feature set of the a77 as well as the photos I've seen.

Bulk is my personal negative. I want my next SLT to have the feature set of the a77 but be the size of the a33 : In fact, if my a33 would last me for years, that would be fine because I've been reconsidering my upgrade path. My a33 would be the backup cam, for fisheye landscapes, nightsky photography and maybe macro and for the few times I attend sporting events. Thanks Knitlitcamper - I agree with you regarding photobuf's contributions but, as you pointed out, I did say, with regard to the viewfinders, that it was what I found when doing an actual comparison in the shop - hey, maybe it's my eyesight!

Actually I largely agree with photobuf regarding internet rumours, which is why I was careful to say that the reviews talked about the quality of the jpegs. As to the flash exposure - I was advised of this by Gary Friedman, who I'm sure you've heard of, who's opinion I sought when making my decision.

He's a Sony die-hard and a really nice guy! Originally posted 89 months ago. Sign up for a free account, or sign in if you're already a member. Flickr logo. If you click it, you'll go home. Sign Up Explore. Upload Sign In. Go back to the beta groups experience.

Sony Alpha SLT models: a33 a55 a35 a65 a77 a57 a37 a See more. Photos Discussions Members Map About. Greetings members, We are happy to announce and welcome our new Moderator Kin Yes, the intere We're adding a new resource that we hope will help people when looking for new e


Need help with the color on my Sony A57

All you settings matter from the AF type if you were using AF area the likelihood is the camera focussed on the subject closest to the camera which is not what you want always , metering modes, etc etc. That book takes you step by step and does it very well. I found the chapter on flash particularly helpful since I already knew the basics but it was a good refresher in any case. Focus on what you have, not on what you don't. The Fujifilm X-T4 brings image stabilization, faster shooting and a bigger battery to the X-T series. It's not without its shortcomings but we found it to be an excellent stills and video shooter. With its unusual form factor can the Tourbox aid the editing process?


Sony A57- Best Sony Yet?

Love your new 20 megapixel wonder, but having a hard time understanding all that it does? Then this book is for you. Purchase Ebook USD. Finally, an easy-to-understand manual that is a match for the cameras it describes! Get the most out of your investment — Learn about the wonders of digital imaging and improve your photography at the same time!


The Complete Guide to Sony’s Alpha 37 and 57 SLT Cameras

Just ordered one from "big online seller". Upgrading from A Anybody else thinking of upgrading? Congrats to you Oleg. I'll look forward to your photos and experiences. By all accounts it is a wonderful camera. I'm still very happy with my a33 and I promised my husband that I wouldn't be upgrading it until it dies : plus, I just invested in a very nice somewhat pricey compact that I'm having lots of fun with 99 months ago permalink.

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