Horrible Herman. Written and compiled by George Knowles. Both shops became central hubs for information about the occult, and the latter a meeting place for many newly emerging traditions of contemporary Witchcraft. Slater was an out-spoken and flamboyant man who attracted both critics and admirers. He was also an author, editor and publisher of a number of books and did much to advance the growth of contemporary Witchcraft particularly in the New York area of America. Slater was born of Jewish parents on the 06 th February and raised in a lower middle class neighborhood of New York.

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Abramelin Oil Rub on the body to attract love and gambling luck. Floorwash is mixed with water and sprinkled about African Ju Ju Powder the house to remove bad influences hindering success. Sprinkle on various parts of the body. All Night Long Makes the user more intuitive.

Aids in psychic development. A potent Red ingredient. Powerful help in crossing. Use with all crossing rituals and spells.

Almond Jasmine. Agarbatti Chandan Incense A combination of oils said to completely relieve sexual problems and inhibitions. Purple Said to simultaneously relax and inflame. Lavender Bay Hyssop. A powerful concentrate burned while trying to overcome adversity.

Use before doing any betting. Pray for success while burning, add oils. Use liberally both on your body and on the altar. Helps clarify muddled thinking, promotes telepathic vibratory powers. A very strong protective powder. Use Altar Incense with care. Sprinkle on magickal ingredients, rub on forehead before 32 parts Wood Base ritual for protections against counter 16 parts Albanum forces.

Amber Very potent, protects from evil spirits Musk and overcomes hexes. Burn for general good luck. Angel Oil: For love A special mixture used for gaining and invoking spirit's aid.

Use the oil control over others and to banish evil with pink candles to attract friendship; spirits. Sprinkle around a room to overcome Will also protect against hexes. Helps avert future fights and will cleanse the mind of all evil thoughts. Helps clear Arabian Nights Oil the head when you are experiencing negative emotions, which can distort the Red outcome of your ritual. Myrrh Rose Anointing Oil Lilac.

Patchouli Attracts many new friends. Can be Cinnamon depended upon to force others to find Verbena you stimulating and extremely appealing. Very good for potential Generally utilized to bless candles lovers.

Love oil. Add to rituals, love before they are used in a ceremony. It charms, anoint hands. Can be used to wipe down an altar or a Arabka Soudagar Incense worship room. For success. Use on candles, add to incense. Add to bath Green water. Dress curio bags. Frankincense with Tonka Extract. Aquarius Burn whenever business is bad. It is said to bring luck and financial gain. Cinnamon Rose Galangal Juniper. Sandalwood 32 parts Wood Base Rose 16 parts Olbanum Orange oil 8 parts Sandalwood Jasmine 4 parts Myrrh 8 parts Cinnamon Burn in a room where lovers are to 4 parts Orris Root meet, to please the good spirits and to increase sexual awareness.

Wonderful A highly magnetic blend which is always for lovers. Attracts love. Draws power, luck, love, money. Sprinkle on the ground in front of a loved one and he will be forced to return to you. Makes others desire to please you at all costs.

A form of commanding and compelling powder. Place some in shoes or belongings of those you wish to do your bidding. If this cannot be done, sprinkle where they are sure to walk. Toss a 8 parts Cinnamon little under your bed as well. This 4 parts Orris Root powder is said to make you dream prophetically. Sprinkle on and all Use oil when searching for mate. Drink as an Sprinkle in your shoes to bring luck, aphrodisiac. Also used as a charm to anoint green candles and use as bring good luck if carried in a purse or Attraction Powder the pocket.

Dream Incense: Said to make love dreams come true. Always used to incite the passions of the opposite sex. Also brings all forms of good luck. It is especially good for Aunt Valerie's Healing Oil attracting financial gain. Used to attract money, better business, good luck, love, Valerian and the better things of life. For love Asafoetidia and gambling it is applied to the body Lavender and the hands in small amounts.

It is sprinkled about a place of business. It This old polish formula is a special is rubbed on charms and added to "homophobic" blend, which aids in the conjure bags that have a beneficial instant cure of homosexuality. Use purpose. Must be sprinkled on your sheets before Eliminates all bad spirit forces. Should retiring. Also used in uncrossing. Removes evil forces and hexes. Works Myrrh quickly. For black magick and hexing Yellow This invokes only baneful spirits and can be highly dangerous to the Rose operator.

Works equally well. Use Also helps to develop clairvoyance where eye of Bat is needed Powder must be rubbed on the forehead and sprinkled under the bed for ultimate effectiveness. To use in a bath, while bathing meditate on being surrounded by all the good things in life.

With Bible Oil on altar, Cinnamon burn incense and oil before it. Black A special crossing oil used only for placing hexes on hated competitors.

A special powder used for hexing Myrrh someone you despise with a passion. Patchouli Very dangerous if you do not use for Cinnamon this purpose only.

A very powerful item when burned along with a black candle and salt. Use only to win court cases and to overcome legal entanglements. Rub a little on your body Compels the opposite sex to strongly in order to cleanse your spirit before desire you.

Also used for breaking bad holding any ritual. To attract help of spells and unhexing. Black Cat good spirits. It is sprinkled about the Incense - of tremendous power either room and also about the home and for hexing or for obtaining luck and good place of business. Burn for married man or woman from playing general good luck. Angel Oil: For love around. It should be carefully sprinkled and invoking spirit's aid.

Use the oil on their undergarments while they with pink candles to attract friendship; sleep. Powder - Mix with sugar and carefully sprinkle on the undergarments of a wayward lover. Musk Musk Chili powder Ambergris Tobacco Coriander Pulverized newsprint Cardamon Carnation Sprinkle around the boss' office at work, and around your own area on the job.

A special oil developed to incite sexual Forces supervisor to leave you alone. A popular Stops harassment. Also to be used in aphrodisiac.

A special blend used to chase away all Valerian evil spirits. A good hex breaker. For Pine luck and sending back curses. Ylang Ylang Galangal Wisteria Buddha.


THE Book Part II

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Magickal Formulary

Abramelin Oil Rub on the body to attract love and gambling luck. Floorwash is mixed with water and sprinkled about African Ju Ju Powder the house to remove bad influences hindering success. Sprinkle on various parts of the body. All Night Long Makes the user more intuitive. Aids in psychic development. A potent Red ingredient.

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