New ZAXIS provides reliable solutions: impressive fuel economy, swift front movements, and easy operation. You'll also find Hitachi technological prowess and expertise, such as the optimized hydraulic system and engine. New ZAXIS features the key benefits of high quality, low fuel consumption, and high durability, all of which serve to ensure low running costs. Simplified Maintenance Dust-Proof Indoor Net A dust-proof indoor net, provided at the front of radiator, can be easily removed and cleaned with compressed air. At the rear of the radiator, air blowing can be done through a one-touch open cover. The air condenser is openable for easy cleaning at its rear.

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Imperial Metric. A Shipping Length Of Unit. C Shipping Height Of Unit. I Max Cutting Height. J Max Loading Height. K Max Reach Along Ground. M Max Digging Depth. E Ground Clearance.

H Tail Swing Radius. Removal Counterweight Clearance. F Track Gauge. N Shoe Size. Max Travel Speed. Ground Pressure. Number Of Shoes Per Side. Specifications Engine. Number Of Cylinders. Engine Make. Engine Model. Net Power. Power Measured. Max Torque. Torque Measured.

Operating Weight. Fuel Capacity. Cooling System Fluid Capacity. Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity. Operating Voltage. Engine Oil Capacity. Swing Drive Fluid Capacity.

Alternator Supplied Amperage. Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure. Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity. Swing Mechanism. Swing Speed. Reference Bucket Capacity. Minimum Bucket Capacity. Maximum Bucket Capacity. Hitachi ZX Net Power hp. Operating Weight lb. Reference Bucket Capacity 1. Net Power Operating Weight Link-Belt Quantum. See Hitachi Hydraulic Excavator for sale rbauction. See Hitachi Hydraulic Excavator for sale ironplanet. See Hitachi Hydraulic Excavator for sale mascus.


ZX330LC-5G / ZX350LCH-5G

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Hitachi ZX330LC-5G Specifications & Technical Data (2017-2020)

To cope with tough working conditions and extreme temperatures, they had to be reliable, durable and highly productive. These models are also equipped with a durable front attachment, including a reinforced boom, and a strengthened undercarriage and reinforced upper structure for added durability. They are easy to maintain thanks to several time-saving design features, such as the easily accessible fuel filters that can be inspected at ground level, and a dust-proof net to protect the radiator. It is responsible for an increased operating speed with less fuel consumption than the previous Hitachi model. With a high arm speed while the boom is lowering, the excavators can load trucks quickly and efficiently. All rights reserved.

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