By using intelligent network technologies, the system manages the services and bandwidths intelligently. In addition, the system can be configured with a built-in IF board. Together with the microwave ODU, the system hence provides wireless transmission of services. A single subrack of the system supports up to The OptiX OSN can also be networked with the following equipment to optimize the investment for customers:. The OptiX OSN integrates the following technologies to transmit voice and data services on the same platform with high efficiency:.

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Developed by Huawei for highly efficient voice and data services transmission on a single platform, the OptiX OSN offers an intelligent, next-generation optical transmission solution. The subrack consists of the slot area for processing boards, slot area for interface boards, slot area for the auxiliary interface board, power supply area and fan area.

The functions of each subrack area are as follows:. Slots for interface boards: slots and Other product information. Trade Information. After-Sales Service. After the quality guarantee period began to charge appropriate maintenance service fee. View larger image. Hot sale in. Contact Supplier. Product Details. Company Profile. Quick Details. Place of Origin: China.

Optical Transmission System equipment. Online Customization. Auxiliary interface area 2. Interface board area 3. Processing board area 4. Power supply area 5. Fan area. Slot Allocation. The left portion and right portion of the subrack, where eight slots are present, are slot areas for interface boards.

The middle portion of the subrack, where ten slots are present, is the slot area for processing boards. Slot Area for Processing Boards Slots for processing boards before the division of slots: slots and Slots for processing boards after the division of slots: slots , , and Slots for integrated boards of the SCC, cross-connect and line units: slots Slot for the system auxiliary processing board: slot You May Like.

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PDH services. Ethernet services. RPR services. ATM services. DDN services. SAN services. STM standard or concatenated services. STM-4 standard or concatenated services. STM-1 standard services. STM-1 electrical services. E4 services. FE services.

GE services. ESCON services. FC services. Framed E1 services. Switch Capacity. Service Slots. Supported Interfaces. Clock Synchronization. Auxiliary Interface. On-time delivery rate.


Huawei Optix Osn 2500 manufacturers & suppliers

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Huawei OptiX OSN2500

We provide 3-Level Quality Control procedure: 1-Level inspection; 2-Level In-stock test; 3-Level 24 hour pre-delivery and 1 year warranty. Learn More. In order to avoid hardware malfunction and incompatibility, each equipment will be strictly tested before delivery, the test report will be packed inside equipment and delivery together. Supports Intelligent ASON based Mesh network can against multi-node failures, improving network reliability by 10 times. Supports Single-fiber bidirectional optical module to solve lack of fiber resource, built-in WDM to meet large bandwidth requirement.

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