Part time working considered The Opportunity We have a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Electrical Architect to join our Weapons System Equipment team. The successful Apply for this job. FuseTalk Standard Edition v3. All rights reserved.

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Part time working considered The Opportunity We have a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Electrical Architect to join our Weapons System Equipment team.

The successful Apply for this job. FuseTalk Standard Edition v3. All rights reserved. Welcome Login. Toggle navigation. Search Topic. Topic Tools. View similar topics Print this topic.

John Peckham Posts: Joined: 23 April Also state that you will wish to see copies of each inspectors qualifications prior to commencement of the work on site and details of their experience.

State that they must provide all tools, test equipment, PPE and access equipment and you want to see instrument calibration certificates prior to commencement of work on site. Also state that they will be required to submit copies of their Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

You may wish to state a minimum sum insured depending of your installation. State that they will be required to submit a Risk assessment and Method Statement for the work on your site prior to commencement on site.

State in a schedule the distribution boards you want inspected and tested by location and identification. Inspection is a different operation to testing so make this clear in your tender. State in a schedule what you want inspected, you can lift this information from the schedules in GN3.

The state what tests you want done in a schedule lifting the information from GN3 table 3. State that you will want to agree all "limitations" with the contractor before work commences on site e.

State what format you want the results of the inspection and test presented to you on completion of the inspection and test e. All the usual stuff around hours of working and welfare facilities and provision of information. Contractors more than often ignore what it says in the specification that they have tendered for and do what they usually do to maximise their profit on the basis that the client has not got a clue what they want and will not know what has been done, so say that during the inspection and testing process a contract supervisor will be present to witness their inspection and testing procedures.

Competent inspection and testing companies will have no problem with this and will welcome the opportunity to compete on a level playing field with the knuckle scrapers and numpties. The minute a contractor starts to prevaricate around producing the required documentation prior to contract you know you have entered the contractor smoke and mirrors phase so don't use them.

Top : Bottom. Thanks for that John. Much appreciated. I would tend to say an inspection and test of 30 percent of all final circuits one circuit per distribution board minimum in their entirety in so far as reasonable access allows , from percent of all boards.

You may want to declare the number of sub-mains if applicable that you want tested. If you have previous records it may be worth requiring that different circuits are tested this time from the last time, although if there were any recommendations previously to monitor something then doing these circuits again may be worthwhile.

In some instances it may be worth specifying certain circuits that must be included, especially any associated with an increased level of risk , as it is human nature to try and do the easiest ones and often you will find that the same 'easy' circuits are tested each and every time, and the ones involving a bit more effort may be missed. Thanks Christait. Do i need to state this seperatly? New here? To participate in discussions, please log in and introduce yourself.

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Iee guidance note 3 pdf download:

Guidance Note 3 - Inspection and Testing - makes it clear that instrument accuracy is required to be at least that shown later in this sub-section for the various types of instrument. Regular recalibration using standards traceable to National Standards is now required, together with checking after any incident which has involved mechanical mishandling. Many electrical installers will not be used to sending their instruments regularly for recalibration, but must now do so. Guidance Note 3 is not specific on the time intervals at which recalibration must be carried out, but it would seem sensible for occasionally used instruments to receive attention every two years, whilst those used frequently are likely to need recalibration annually. If installations are to be tested to show that they comply with BS , the following instruments will be necessary. After the name of the instrument are brief notes which may be helpful in choosing a new instrument or in deciding if one already to hand will be satisfactory.



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