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Doctor Roberto Serpa Novoa. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Roberto Petronzio — CERN Multimedia. Our dear colleague Roberto Petronzio passed away on 28 July at the age of He was a CERN fellow from until , and then a staff member in the Theory division from until Roberto was a major contributor to the development of QCD. He was also involved in the non-perturbative analysis of the theory.

In particular, along with Cabibbo and Parisi, he was one of the first members of the APE collaboration, which managed to construct the famous series of supercomputers for numerical simulations. Together with Cabibbo and Martinelli, he proposed the use of lattice simulations to co Quem pode resistir a Lara Croft? Who can resist Lara Croft?

This article discusses how the electronic game Tomb Raider constructs processes of subjectivation in relation to gender and sexuality. To develop this argument, two main questions were taken: Who does this game imagine 'you' are? Who does this game suggest 'you' to be?

Both were built based on the Foucaultian Theory about processes of subjectivation, together with the concept of 'mode of address', developed by Elizabeth Ellsworth and some discussions about gender and sexuality. Based on this, this investigation wants to show how culturally built marks of gender and sexuality are used on elaborations of the main character of the game: Lara Croft.

However, in conclusion, those marks cannot set the possible choices up, but are creations and inventions made by the game designers and the players. Scientific and personal recollections of Roberto Petronzio. Full Text Available This paper aims to recall some of the main contributions of Roberto Petronzio to physics, with a particular regard to the period we have been working together. His seminal contributions cover an extremely wide range of topics: the foundation of the perturbative approach to QCD, various aspects of weak interaction theory, from basic questions e.

Flebotomofauna al sureste del estado Lara , Venezuela. Se identificaron Gabriele D'Annunzio, Pleasure, translated and annotated by Lara Page Harding translation. By minimizing the novel's overwhelming eroticism and excluding allusions that might offend Victorian sensibilities, as well as passages deemed to be too intellectual for the genre, the text LARA which is equipped with an acoustic detector gives rapidly a good positioning on the fuel [fr.

Paradoxes of social subjection: Noche terrible by Roberto Arlt. Full Text Available The article analyses the way in which the ever-present theme of the bourgeois marriage in the narrative works of the Argentinean writer Roberto Arlt also features in his short story Noche terrible and in less pronounced form in other accounts included in the volume El Jorobadito.

Through a detailed analysis of the discourse representation of the moral and social alienation which the lead character of Noche terrible experiences on the eve of his marriage,it is possible to reconstruct the wearisome processes by which, in the narrative of Roberto Arlt, the cogs of society subordinate individuals and thus preventany from escaping from inexorable class constraints.

Th e redefined specimens were previously identify ed as S. Specimens of S. Geographic coordinates of localities and description of S. The increasing interest for the environmental problems and the study of the impact on the environment due to antropic activity produced an enhancement of remote sensing applications. MIVIS's channels, spectral bandwidths, and locations are chosen to meet the needs of scientific research for advanced applications of remote sensing data. MIVIS can make significant contributions to solving problems in many diverse areas such as geologic exploration, land use studies, mineralogy, agricultural crop studies, energy loss analysis, pollution assessment, volcanology, forest fire management and others.

The broad spectral range and the many discrete narrow channels of MIVIS provide a fine quantization of spectral information that permits accurate definition of absorption features from a variety of materials, allowing the extraction of chemical and physical information of our environment. The availability of such a hyperspectral imager, that will operate mainly in the Mediterranean area, at the present represents a unique opportunity for those who are involved in environmental studies and land-management to collect systematically large-scale and high spectral-spatial resolution data of this part of the world.

Nevertheless, MIVIS deployments will touch other parts of the world, where a major interest from the international scientific community is present. Conversation with Lara about the Earth and Land.

Conversando com Lara sobre a Terra e a Terra. The present article is the analysis of a conversation between the author and Lara , a four-yearold- girl, enrolled in nursery school, while she makes a drawing of the Earth. It took place outside school environment and without any other person around to avoid interference during the interview. However, when asked to draw the World - term used by Butterworth et al. Her drawings led to the conclusion that such girl does not know yet the World in which she lives is the Earth, and probably because of that, within her age and consequent maturity, she accurately differentiates the concepts of land and Earth.

Pero, cuando se Le solicita dibujar el "Mundo" - palabra empleada en un trabajo de Butterworth et al. Lattice field theory and lattice QCD, in particular, are areas of research in which Roberto was strongly interested practically since the beginning of his scientific career.

He contributed to the development of lattice QCD through his ideas and publications, but also through his engagement in the APE project and in many other ways as well. Some of the work we did together is recalled in this talk and put in the context of the situation in the field at the time. Laras concept and its triggers: A case study on garap of jineman Uler Kambang.

Full Text Available Laras is one unresolved aesthetic concept and gendhing garap models as the triggers have not been identified yet either.

The purpose of this research is to figure out the laras concept construction and identify the gendhing garap models as its triggers. Laras concept reconstruction within the aesthetic framework of Javanese karawitan and identification of gendhing garap model are discussed based on concept of garap in Javanese karawitan.

This research uses a qualitative-descriptive method. The results show that laras is a beautiful, delicate, and deep karawitan sense containing elements of mat, lega, betah, adhem, ayem, tentrem, jinem, sengsem, and marem. Phlebotominae de Venezuela: Lutzomyia amilcari sp. Full Text Available Se describe el macho de Lutzomyia amilcari sp. Pertenece al grupo Verrucarum, serie Verrucarum de Theodor A description is given of the male of Lutzomyia amilcari sp.

This species is identified by the characteristic form of the paramere. La idea moderna en la obra de Roberto Goycoolea Infante. A partir de ese momento surge la obra de Roberto Goycoolea I. What time is it? Roberto Schwarz and criticism of contemporary.

Full Text Available The article analyzes the formulations of Roberto Schwarz about the world and Brazilian contemporary, which are inseparable. We will take as objects of analysis some of the tests that the critic published in several of his books, from the householder and other studies , passing the time?

The interpretation proposed text is that Schwarz's work can be interpreted as a constant reflection - so always up to date - on the impasses of Brazilian modernization In this sense, the work will also seek to observe how the materialist dialectic method used by Schwarz , It may indicate the connections between the various plans that make up the national life. Rossellini adopted in his film, Voyage in Italy 1 to show that. French when nine out of twelve writers for the Italian film journal Roberto Esposito wrote that Italian philosophy has been traditionally open to the conflicts.

The LaRa experiment consists of a transponder onboard the ExoMars mission that has been designed to obtain two-way Doppler shift measurements from a X-band radiolink between the lander on Mars and the ground stations on Earth. LaRa is planned to last at least one Earth year and should begin to operate from January One of the major objectives of LaRa is to improve our knowledge of the deep interior of Mars by precisely measuring the signature of the liquid core in the nutations.

In this study, we performed numerical simulations of these Doppler measurements in order to evaluate the impact on the determination of the MOP and the gain in precision provided by the synergy between both LaRa and RISE experiments. In this way, we study the impact of an improved Doppler geometry induced by the involvement of two landers instead of one.

The Doppler geometry is a fundamental aspect of radioscience experiments. It affects the measurement sensitivity to the MOP and is thereby an important factor in their determination. The variety of the geometry especially the azimuth provided by its omnidirectional patch antenna is a strength of LaRa compared to RISE two directional horn antennas that allows to improve the MOP. The roads that separate writers often end with a paradox, happy proximity.

The list reflects the richness and variety of Italian literature of the time. But beyond the storytellers, the coincidence of Luzi and Borges and we might add, that of Odisseas Elytis, who was finally awarded the prize is a unique convergence of poets, with very different poetics, but with intense communicating vessels that unite them, often invisible and contradictory manner. We propose to study these reflections that Mario Luzi made from and on many occasions, against about the Argentine author, from the critical work of the Florentine poet, on the centenary of his birth.

Com o passar do tempo, percebeu-se a necessidade de modernizar o Boletim, ajustando seu formato aos novos tempos. Meticuloso, persistente e paciente, Dr. Em , o Dr. Infelizmente, nos deixou precocemente em outubro de Teresa y Luis , Luis y Teresa. Dos santos en tiempos recios. Roberto ARLT et al. Alle origini della fantascienza latinoamericana", Luis Alvarez - a personal approach to physics. One of the major pioneer figures and outstanding personalities of particle physics, Luis Alvarez, died on 1 September.

In addition to his numerous particle physics achievements, he became famous for his ventures in archaeology, palaeontology, and astronomy, and for his inventions.

As a tribute to this remarkable man, we publish here some extracts from 'Adventures in Nuclear Physics', given as the University of California Faculty Research Lecture. According to custom, this presentation is a personalized account rather than an impersonal scientific discourse. Juegos de Palo en Lara. Elementos para la historia social de un arte marcial venezolano. The author analyses the different forms used since the early 19th century by men in the rural areas of the state of Lara , where it is still practised today.

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Doctor Roberto Serpa Novoa. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Roberto Petronzio — CERN Multimedia. Our dear colleague Roberto Petronzio passed away on 28 July at the age of


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