In this module, Snehashish Ghosh throws light on the main objective of the Act — that of regulating the possession of wireless telegraphy apparatus. One of the major sources of revenue for the Indian State Broadcasting Service was revenue from the licence fee from working of wireless apparatus under the Indian Telegraph Act, The Indian State Broadcasting Service was losing revenue due to lack of legislation for prosecuting persons using unlicensed wireless apparatus as it was difficult to trace them at the first place and then prove that such instrument has been installed, worked and maintained without licence. Therefore, the current legislation was proposed, in order to prohibit possession of wireless telegraphy apparatus without licence. Presently the Act is used to prosecute cases, related to illegal possession and transmission via satellite phones. Any person who wishes to use satellite phones for communication purposes has to get licence from the Department of Telecommunications.

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Users can get details on prohibition of possession of wireless telegraphy apparatus without license. Information on Power of Central Government to exempt persons from provisions of the Act is provided.

Get information on various access services of Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Users can get information on unified access services and cellular mobile services. Access to subscriber verification and documents related to the department is provided.

Information about allocation of separate mobile number series to telemarketers is also given. Guidelines and application form can also be downloaded. Details on direct and indirect foreign investment in the licensee company are provided. Get information on cellular mobile telephone service by Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Information on all types of cellular licences and licencees like basic licence, Unified The guidelines related to this service are provided. Information related to amendments etc. Users can access and download reports of the Ministry from onwards. Information related to the amendments is provided. Users can access outcome budget, demand for grants, performance budget and summary of monthly receipt and expenditure from onwards. Link to download telecom accounts and finance manual is also given.

Users can find the preamble, vision, mission, objectives, strategy, etc. Copy of the official memorandum signed by the concerned authority is also available.

Users can get details related to sector, activity, FDI cap, equity, entry route, other conditions, etc. Access to telecom equipment manufacturing and FDI inflow is also given. You can find the information related to various provisions of this legislation. Detailed information related to various provisions of this Act is given. Skip to main content. Related Links. Related Links Access services of Department of Telecommunications.


The Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act, 1933

Short title and commencement. Licence required for demonstration. Application for Licence. Licence not transferable. Conditions of Licence. Cancellation of a licence.


Information on Indian Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1933




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