To Him belongs the dimension of the Heavens and the earth, it is He who gives life and death and He has power over all things. All praise to Allah Almighty, the most merciful, kind, and source of all knowledge and wisdom. All respect and possible tributes goes to my Holy Prophet Mohammad SAW , who is forever guidance and knowledge for all human beings on this earth. I am really every thankful to Sir Qamar Iqbal for his cooperative attitude during the completion of my internship report. He helped and support me during gathering and analyzing information.

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Of course you do. Learn how when you join today! Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. It contains all the various aspects of PTCL which we encountered during our time there in a compact format. The department of WLL ensures smooth operation of the wireless technologies of PTCL by Recording and analyzing the wireless parameters of the system via software.

The above Statement is better explained by the fact that the Department of Optimization monitors the parameters of WLL with software like Nemo Outdoor and analyzer and tries to diagnose as well as overcome any fault occurring therein. They also conduct static and dynamic drive tests to measure strength of the wireless signals at different locations in the city.

However, if the issue is as such that its requires repairing hardware on the site and maintenance of the cell site, they report it to the operation teams which then takes necessary measures at the site to deal with the flaws. While the Technical Department installs and maintains the equipment for the customer, it is basically the corporate support that actually arranges the packages for the corporations. It is an exceedingly important aspect of PTCL since a large number of firms require communication services and PTCL is the largest provider of telecommunication solutions in the country.

Overall, during our internship, we learned a lot of practicability of the things that we had learned in theory and the ways in which mathematical modelling is in fact a very precise and exceedingly accurate model of real life situations. This wonderful opportunity also got us acquainted with managerial practices in a corporate atmosphere which is indispensable in our character building and shaping our professional life in the future. The document which follows this summary is the abridged version of all the things which we experienced during our time at the two departments of PTCL.

Shiraz Ali as well the all the managerial staff in WLL for this whole-hearted approach in making us understand the complete process of Wireless and giving a wonderful shape to our internship by integrating various problem solving as well as critical thinking problems in our tasks.

Also, we would like to thank the HR department at PTCL for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to experience the corporate as well as technical culture characteristic of corporations all around the world. Also, we would seize this opportunity to thank Ms Uzma Jilani as well all the staff at corporate support for making us understand the skills necessary for understanding the corporate world of telecommunications in the city as well as some basic idea of the prevailing international situation.

We came to know of the major clients and competitors of the PTCL as well the edge of the company during our time there. Deserving laurels are also the staff at our universities Career Development Staff who helped and worked tirelessly in arranging this Internship for our professional development and edification.

Kudos to our parents as well who left no stone unturned to support and help us during the tenure of our internship. Last but not the least; I will like to thank my fellow intern Muhammad Nabeel Asif for his help in making me write this report as well as assisting me throughout the internship.

It has reached its service to almost every part of the country. Whether it is an office in the largest city of Pakistan or a home in a small village, PTCL is present in every corner of Pakistan to serve its customers providing several services. PTCL operates in one of the most dynamic, deregulated and competitive markets in the world; Pakistan with a population of million people is a fast growing economy with relatively low penetration of Information Communication Technology ICT services.

PTCL intends to be the leading ICT provider in the region by achieving customers' satisfaction and maximizing shareholders' value and as such PTCL perceives its future as a customer centric organization enhancing its infrastructure and investing in people.

Since we belong primarily to the engineering branch associated with electrical engineering and computer science, the study of PTCL provided us with an opportunity to experience in real-time the abstract telecommunication concepts we had studied during our studies. The concept of mobile phone generations as well as the cell switching were some the things which we have only read about it the books, but during our internship, we saw that happening in real-time on software.

We also observed the skill of trouble-shooting as well as contingency planning being utilized as per the situation during our time with the technical team. In a similar manner the department of corporate support provided us with the opportunity to realize the significance of the skills of pitching engineering knowledge to business as well corporations and how to exactly sell the engineering products to the firms.

Hence the objective of dealing with the corporate side of engineering firms was also achieved via this internship. Another minor benefit of this will be in our personal life, when we will choose the PTCL products or recommend it, we would know the benefits which it will bring us. Hence, getting acquainted with the culture of PTCL is highly valuable in our future employment prospects as well as any research oriented career which we may wish to pursue in the future.

All these are appointed at 9. Drive test team: They go out to conduct the drive tests on the field and gather the parametric data to be analyzed back at the office. Data Analysis team: This team analyzes the data collect by the test team to establish whether there is any flaw in the network. In case of an abnormal indication or any fault, they report the error to the operations team which takes necessary actions to deal with it.

RSSI is measured only in symbols containing Reference signals. RSSI includes power from serving cell as well as co-channel interference and noise. RSSI helps in determining interference and noise information. RSRP provides information about signal strength and gives no indication of signal quality. RSRP measurements are used in handover, cell selection and cell re- selections.

RSRQ formula is shown below N represents number of resource blocks. The reporting range of RSRQ is defined from - It is not reported to the network. CSSR: it is the fraction of the attempts to make a call that result in a connection to the dialed number due to various reasons not all call attempts end with a connection to the dialed number. This fraction is usually measured as a percentage of all call attempts made.

Hence we studied about various services of the PTCL which it has provided to corporate customers, including: 1. Business connectivity: These are economical packages for business customer to connect to the internet to share their resources or to reach their customers. Business communication: These are services dealing specifically towards inter and intra Business communication as well as facilitating communication with business customers.

Managed Services: Managed service is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis management responsibilities and functions and a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses. PTCL provides them to firms to lower their costs and increase their efficiency.

As static IP is being provided to the customer, small businesses can start their own network by installing personal servers. A VSAT end user needs a box that interfaces between the user's computer and an outside antenna with a transceiver. The transceiver receives or sends a signal to a satellite transponder in the sky.

The satellite sends and receives signals from an earth station computer that acts as a hub for the system. We provide 30 lines or any multiple of 30 lines and then connect you in no time. The service uses the public telephone network to carry an all-digital signal that can satisfy your voice and data communications needs in the most efficient and flexible way possible.

Fewer connections are required and call connection is rapid thus saving customers time and money. Based on ISDN technology, it is being viewed as the logical extension of the digitalization of telecommunication network. It also provides high quality of digital transmission and high speed data interfaces.

You can also converge all your existing business traffic, even latency-sensitive applications onto one network. DXX is a network facility used by enterprises to switch and multiplex low-speed voice and data signals onto high-speed lines and vice versa. PTCL leased lines connect telecommunication network elements between geographically distant locations on a semi-permanent basis and are used as a private resource for transmission capacity for cellular and fixed line telephony, data communication or Internet service applications.

In addition, spur and short haul fiber network spans another kms providing the most extensive coverage across the country. PTCL is able to offer half circuit as well as full circuit to various destinations worldwide. Broadband technology carries high bandwidth information to your premises over ordinary copper telephone lines whereas latest Network and telecom infrastructure. What it means is a much faster, smoother and secure connection. This keeps all your branches connected to main office over a secure virtual tunnel created on Private IPs DSL as last mile.

Our microwave digital radio solutions support voice, video and high- speed native Ethernet data for any size business, agency or organization. Our solutions deliver the flexibility to meet current and future needs with seamless, cost-effective upgrades as capacity demands increase.

ASTM A536 GRADE 80-55-06 PDF

Internship Report on PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited)

Dear Students! Add Discussion. This department continued its business up to The Government of Pakistan adopted the Government of India Telegraph act to control and direct the activities of telecommunication. Pakistan Telegraph and Telephone Department inherited a small telecommunication network consisting of only 12, lines in It was the sole Department responsible for providing telecommunication facilities to whole country.


Internship Report Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Submitted by

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PTCL Internship Report 2017

I am very thankful to Almighty Allah who gave me the opportunity, courage and insight to work in a prestigious organization and for His blessings that have brightened in all parts of my lives and my parents whose prayers always supported me in every task. I am grateful to my exceptional and devoted supervisor Mr. I am also thankful to all staff at PTCL, for their valuable guidance and support throughout the internship period. They collectively helped me understand the office environment and how to adhere to the challenges faced in our daily life.

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