This path is necessary for today era. This is a great job. Keep it up. But there is only hindi books shastra , pls include more books shastra in hindi. Also you may devide all books in 4 categories i.

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This path is necessary for today era. This is a great job. Keep it up. But there is only hindi books shastra , pls include more books shastra in hindi. Also you may devide all books in 4 categories i. Prathmaniyog 2. Dravyaniyog 3. Karnaniyog 4. This will be more helpful to find the books shastra as per choice. From: Archana Shah Country: India,Mumbai Posted on: Tuesday, October 26, , I am very happy that our Jinvani is on net, I am working women, I was not getting time to study after going home, now in office during free time I read our sashtra, which has been downloaded from net.

Thanks all who has supported for this excellent job. Jai Jinendra. From: J. Excellent Web Site. Well done. Horde of recourse and knowledgeable material.

Carry on adding to it. From: Sureshkumar B. From: Anjali Country: mumbai , india Posted on: Wednesday, August 25, , nice website really liked it. I am totally speechless. This webiste has everything a Jain is looking for. My family admire everybody's effort.

From: DR. It would require a great deal of efforts to be a wholesome of atmadharma in nutshell. Frequent updates and flashes of recently conducted gyan-shibirs should be of much use. Hope this will help not nly Jains but also non-jains to get knowledge regarding Jain Literature. I request the host of the web to collect visitor's question and make Q-A bank. This will help us to know what other people think of Jainism. We as Digamber Jain are proud of it.

Lots of information is made available to the person visiting it. I wish good luck. For a common man like me who is Jain by birth only, this site may help enrich knowledge regarding Jainism. I wish the hosts of this site should have added more literature from Shrimadji. This site may help all types of Jain in the world who are following Vitraag.

It is designed in such a way that one may join it as a student of Kinder Garten and may finish with PhD in the subject of Atma. Still the hosts have to do lot of things to attract all jains and non-jains and encourage all to share the precious knowledge of Jainism.

It looks really nice. From: sapan jain Country: sanwad m. Best of Luck for the future. I would be a luckiest person if I would involve with atmadharm family. From: simbhu Country: london uk Posted on: Tuesday, April 20, , I had been searching for bahenshree books on the internet for a long time and struck gold with swanubhuti darshan thank you.

From: rahul Country: ahmedabad-india Posted on: Tuesday, March 30, , i read your web and i admire it. I appreciate..


332. Jinendra Archana

Bhattarak Swamiji of Moodbidri. Ashok Sethi. To crown his educational career, he continued his studies for Post Graduation in Economics at Mysore University. He showed interest in volunteer services in religious centers and functions. He is experienced in organizing religious camps and workshops and has also been writing religious articles to promote the Jain Dharma. He kept himself busy with all kinds of religious activities and organized various literary conferences and religious functions in Moodbidri. In recognition of his immense knowledge in Architecture, Kolkatta Astrological University honored him by presenting the award of Bharatha Bhushana in the International Astrological Conference.


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Jain Vaani is a platform where you know about Jain Religion Dharma. Sdource: Jain Bhajan. Jain Hindi Books Collection. Email This BlogThis! Labels: Jain Hindi Books Collection.


Jinendra Archana


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