I re-posted it with this category in case the general category is in danger of never being read again I have an idea for a forum-based chess gameplay, in which there are 2 players and 1 game-master. Using Knightmare Chess, following the shared deck rules, two players are seated and presented before the game-master as role-played via forum. If conflict arises, each player submits a number from 1 to X where X is the total number of available cards as dictated by gamemaster.

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Steve Jackson Games publishes in Summer a translation of the French Tempete sur l'Echiquier , a set of cards, to be used in combination with a chess board. The cards modify play. Personally, I really dislike the graphics used in Knightmare chess - so much, that I won't play this game, or recommend it.

Where the French original had funny cartoons, the U. My 11 year old son enjoys chess, but the pictures perturb him especially if we play into the late night hours. I hope Wizards of the Coast's Chaos Chess has a lighter touch. Below you find the text of a press release of Steve Jackson Games, from March 18, For Immediate Release -- March 18, Take a 5,year-old classic game of strategy and skill -- and then turn it upside down.

Knightmare Chess is a licensed translation of the French game Tempete sur l'Echequier literally, "Storm on the Chessboard" , a hit in Europe for ten years. In Knightmare Chess, players use cards to affect the traditional rules of chess in different ways. One card might make your knight move like a bishop for one turn, and another builds a permanent wall to stop enemy pieces! The possibilities are endless -- and endless fun -- in Knightmare Chess. Knightmare Chess is a single set of 80 full-color, oversized cards painted in a Gothic, surrealist style by Brazilian artist Rogerio Vilela; players will also need a standard chess set.

Each card has a point value, so you can build custom decks based on an agreed point total, or handicap the match so the better player has fewer cards. Or players can play from a common deck, taking whatever chance deals them! It might be interesting to note that a similar looking game was announced to be published by Wizards of the Coast: Chess Chaos.

Daniel Blum wrote on the electronic news, August 20, Nice to see that he's keeping his hand in, I thought. WWW page created: May Last modified: January 4, You can help out by making a small donation or by using this site's affiliate links when you shop at ebay.

I understand that by now there are 3 oficial decks, is there anyway besides actually buying the game to find out what the decks contain. If I'm violating any law please tell me and don't do that yourself, but otherwise, I just want to know what those rules say :! Excellent concept, as somewhat borrowed from the original French variant. I'd suggest an alternative deck of cards, the same except for more child-friendly illustrations, might be used be used for when a child ren is playing the game.

Knightmare Chess Steve Jackson Games publishes in Summer a translation of the French Tempete sur l'Echiquier , a set of cards, to be used in combination with a chess board. See also: Review of Knightmare Chess. Knightmare Chess FAQ. Official site of Steve Jackson Games. Multiplayer Knightmare Chess Variants. Four player variants for knightmare chess. The name, "Knightmare Chess" is also pretty stupid. I can do without the cheap pun.

Your Web page is marvelous, thank you! In a later email she wrote: Cartoon illustrations would also be more immediately recognizable. Bruno Faidutti posted the following on the electronic news: August 20, Being one of the authors of Knightmare Chess, I'm ready to answer to any question on the game, though I've not yet seen the American edition must be somewhere over the ocean at this time.

I also don't like the artwork in the American edition, but really think it's not the most important. For more information, contact Claudia Smith or Steve Jackson at Daniel Blum wrote on the electronic news, August 20, One interesting thing I noticed about Knightmare Chess but forgot to include in my last follow-up OR my GenCon report is that Gary Gygax is listed as a playtester.

This project appears to have been cancelled. Knightmare Chess. The American version of Tempete sur l'Echiquier. Aurelian Florea wrote on UTC I understand that by now there are 3 oficial decks, is there anyway besides actually buying the game to find out what the decks contain. Anonymous wrote on UTC below: The reason I play chess is because it gives the feeling of a medieval battle. I enjoy games which actually have a story to them.

I'm really shocked that's even a topic of discussion here. It's an excellent game. I've played it hundreds of times, though sadly almost always with the same 2 or 3 people. Really very few players out there. I could suggest lots of little things that might have improved this or that as with all games , but generally I find it better thoughout and more well ballanced that most games that you'll find on store shelves.

Anyway, I encourage everyone to try it. If you have questions, even pretty specific ones, feel free to email me at MChirchill at comcast dot net. Number of ratings: 4 , Average rating: Good , Number of comments: Advertising Privacy.



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Knightmare Chess

A stand-alone 80 card expansion called Series 2 was scheduled for a December release. Knightmare Chess is played with cards that change the default rules of chess. The cards might change how a piece moves, move opponent's pieces, create special squares on the board or otherwise alter the game. For example, a card called Demotion says:.


Knightmare Chess Game Rules

This is chess. The goal remains the same: to checkmate the enemy king. But the moves may be a bit unusual. Each player has a deck of cards, each modifying the traditional rules of the game in a different way. Every move is a surprise! In Knightmare Chess, victory is never certain until the last move. You'll need a standard chessboard with its pieces set up as usual.



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