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PL EN. Widoczny [Schowaj] Abstrakt. Adres strony. Seria Specjalna, Monografie. Wojciech Giza. Market Failure : the Formation and Development of the Idea. Praca ma charakter teoretyczny. Na ich podstawie dokonano rekonstrukcji racjonalnych oraz rekonstrukcji historycznych. The effectiveness of the market economy considered alongside the idea of equilibrium is one of the key issues in the modern economy. Inspired by the work of Newton, the idea of equilibrium can be traced as far back as the work of A.

Smith and the classical economists. In , L. Walras introduced a mathematised model of general equilibrium, which in the mids, thanks to the work of K. Arrow and G. Debreu, became the most developed form of the model. The highly advanced quantitative analysis methods allowed for the rigorous formulation of the conditions of equilibrium that enable the maximisation of welfare conceived by V.

As the model of general equilibrium developed, questions arose: to what degree does the model correspond to reality? Does market competition allow for Pareto's conception of optimal allocation to be achieved?

Seeking to answer these questions, economists undertook a wide-scale analysis of market failure. Theoretical in nature, this dissertation's primary aim is to analyse market failure.

The research method it employs is also an approach that has been frequently used in the history of economic thought, based on creating rational reconstruction and historical reconstruction. Opis fizyczny.

Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie. Acocella N. Adam C, Dercon S. Akerlof G. Andel N. Arnott R. Arrow K. Axelrod R. Ayer A. Baran P. Barkai H. Barry N. Eight Perspectives, red. Whynes, Basil Blackwell, Oxford Bator F.

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Colander D. Coles J. Sen, red. Basu, P. Pattanaik, K. Condorcet J. Cournot A. Cowen T, Crampton E. The New Debate, red. Cowen, E. Crampton, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham-Northampton Debreu G. Demsetz H. Dluhosch B. Doel H. Dorfman R. Swedberg, Princeton University Press, Princeton Edgeworth F. Y, Mathematical Psychics.

Kegan Paul, 1 Paternoster Square, London Eggers A. Ekelund R. Eucken W. Fine B. Fisher I. Flux A. Forbes K. Frey B. Friedman M.


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Meaning of "ksenofont" in the Polish dictionary



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