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Work on these models should only be performed by those who are thoroughly familiar with precautions necessary when working on high voltage equipment. Exercise care when servicing this chassis with power applied. Many B plus and high voltage RF terminals are exposed which, if carelessly contacted, can cause serious shock or result in damage to the chassis.

Maintain interconnecting ground lead connections between chassis, escutcheon, picture tube dag and tuner when operating chassis. These receivers have a "polarized" AC line cord. The AC plug is designed to fit into standard AC outlets in one direction only. The wide blade connects to the 'ground side' and the narrow blade connects to the 'hot side' of the AC line. This assures that the TV receiver is properly grounded to the house wiring.

If an extension cord must be used, make sure it is of the 'polarized' type. Since the chassis of this receive is connected to one side of the AC supply during operation, service should not be attempted by anyone not familiar with the precautions necessary when working on these types of equipment. When it is necessary to make measurements or tests with AC power applied to the receiver chassis, an Isolation Transformer must be used as a safety precaution and to prevent possible damage to transistors.

Certain HV failures can increase X-ray radiation. Receivers should not be operated with HV levels exceeding the specified rating for their chassis type. The maximum operating HV specified for the chassis used in these receivers is Higher voltage may also increase the possibility of failure in the HV supply.

It is important to maintain specified values of all components in the horizontal and high voltage circuits and anywhere else in the received that could cause a rise in high voltage, or operating supply voltages.

No changes should be made to the original design of the receiver. The IC provides fully integrated solution to rationalize the design of color TV sets, increase productivity, and reduce total costs. Datasheetcatalog Datasheet4u.


LA76931 Datasheet PDF

Manual zz. Chapter One Power Supply Chapter Two Horizontal Deflection. Chapter Five Typical Failure Analyse. The Circuit Diagram.


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LA76931 Datasheet


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