This material is copyrighted by LG - Nortel Co. Any unauthorized reproductions, use or disclosure of this. LG N reserves the right to. The information furnished by LG N in this material is. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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This material is copyrighted by LG - Nortel Co. Any unauthorized reproductions, use or disclosure of this. LG N reserves the right to. The information furnished by LG N in this material is. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

Thjs programming manual is designed to provide general system features and Admin Programming using a. This section is a functional listing of features with the description and operation of each. The structure is divided. Condition: explains any requirements or constraints of the feature related to its configuration.

A pre-assigned destination receives incoming calls through the CO line. The destination refer to Figure 2. If a destination station is busy, the. If one of the Stations answers the call, other Stations stop ringing. After 9 seconds, if. And each ring to Station can be delayed. The ring assignment is individually applied to ring modes Day, Night, Weekend or On-.

Demand refer to Ref. Incoming call at the same time, the first answered call can be chosen by setting the PLA priority. The caller then is able to dial additional digits to access the desired destination on the System. After a connection is made, dial the CO Access Code ex. B , the User can route the destination by pressing only.

When the User. VMIB announcement gives a choice of destination; the caller may select a destination based on the. If a caller dials a full destination number, the call will be directly routed to the desired destination. CCR table. If a matching digit is found on the CCR Table, and the bin number is the same as.

If the caller does not dial any digits within the Inter-Digit Time 5sec. This feature allows the capability to name each CO Line. Stations with an LCD interface screen, including the. B , Station B can pick up the call even though Station. The connected CO Line may be transferred or disconnected similar to Day mode call handling.

Station User s may use Flexible. A User can dial 9 refer to Ref. A to access the first idle line in the CO Group refer to Ref. A User can dial refer to Ref. B to access CO Line 01 if it is idle. In Station programming, the User can.

The called. This feature can be assigned on a station-by-station basis, and is applied to just outgoing CO. The Call Cut-Off Timer is not released when the call is placed on hold, or is transferred.

The Station will receive a call back when the busy CO Line becomes available. A Station can make only one CO Line queuing request at a time. If the Station tries to make. If the waiting Station is idle, the queued CO Line will give a call back signal to the Station for If the signal is not received at the Station, the queue is canceled and the next Station.

If the dialed number for the Emergency Service Code is the same as a Station number on the. Hot Line can be activated immediately when the Station is in the off-hook state; Warm Line can be activated after. If the User dials another number prior to the Warm Line Timer expiration, the. The assigned Warm Line feature is activated if no dialing has been done while the Warm Line. If there is no Flexible button at the Station, the number is operated as a Speed Dial number.

LCR is a System programmable feature that automatically selects the least expensive available route when an. This programming eliminates the necessity for the User to dial the access code of the. If the. The caller dials the same number and the System automatically routes it through the least. Carrier B is used for International calls and Carrier A is used. Administrator allows International calls by only those User s who know the System password.

It is possible if. The System will. The User may select to redial the last number dialed on the System. Any dialed number can be saved temporarily and used at any time. This number is saved until a new number is. Otherwise, its function is Pulse. A is ON and it is stored as the first or.

B and it is. If desired, enter the name max. There can be a maximum of 24 digits in a Station Speed dial number including special digits. System Speed dial bins are programmed by the System Attendant Figure 2.

These numbers are available. The maximum System Speed Dial capacity is in the. If desired, enter the name up to 12 characters by dialing 2-digits for each character refer to. A max. If all lines in the Group are busy, a busy tone indication should be heard when attempting to. Private lines are. A private line will operate as a normal CO Line except access is limited to assigned Stations. To activate Call Forward, follow Operation directions in each sub-heading for this section.

When the User Station is busy, calls are forwarded to another designated location. When the Station User does not answer within a predetermined amount of time, the call can be forwarded to an. To activate Call Forward when the line is busy or there is no answer, perform the following Steps:.

Stations allowed to forward calls can forward intercom and transferred CO Line calls to a directory number. When a call is received, the System will access an outgoing CO Line.

When a call is received, the System will access an outgoing CO Line and. If a speed bin is programmed on a flexible button, you may press the Flexible button instead of. It must be programmed from the Station that you will be forwarded to and a user password must be.

Station will receive the CO Line ring. If the Station is not forwarded to another destination, then. There are 2. A Station User may transfer a connected call to a new CO call. If an external ISDN party does not answer the. When the called party answers, announce the call, then replace the handset and go on hook. Pressing the original CO line button while making a transfer to an external number screened.

A call can be transferred to another Station within the System. The transfer can be screened announced or. The transferred call will ring and provides and Exclusive Hold. If the receiving Station does not answer the call in the Transfer Recall time, the transferring Station and the. If the call still remains unanswered, the Attendant will also receive a recall.

After that, the transferred call will be disconnected. The intercom dial tone should be heard and the active call will be placed on exclusive hold. When the called Station answers, announce the call being transferred and then connect the. Dial the Station number that will receive the transferring call, and go on-hook by replacing the.


Lg-nortel Aria Soho Ip

Smart Communication PT. In fact, this facility can especially satisfy the needs of small- to medium-sized enterprises as well as home users with little-to-no engineering background. LG-Ericsson DIGITAL technologies : Making services costless Traditionally in the small telephony environment, fundamentals in technology seem to be beyond the interest of users as long as basic services are satisfied. This nature often keeps users from evolving to an upgraded environment for smarter communications and also forces them to resort to a separate payment for additional services. Empowering analog extensions As cost can be a primary issue for most small offices, digital telephones could be selectively given to only a few employees. Accordingly, the majority of system features should be easily supported to SLT users rather than digital proprietary telephones users. Managing communication costs ARIA SOHO provides services to monitor and restrict outgoing traffic as needed in order for a manager to control communication cost.


LG Nortel Aria Soho User Manual

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