Buying used equipment doesn't always have to be a shot in the dark. We know there are plenty of differences when it comes to used equipment and quite often, choosing between different pieces is difficult, especially when the equipment is not sitting right in front of you. Well, what if you were able to see a piece of equipment before you purchased it? Not just a picture from the manufacturer's website, but the actual piece of equipment you would receive.

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Alarm condition and fault condition. An alarm indication is a warning that a drive trouble condition will soon occur or that there is an error in programming. The drive will continue to operate during this condition. A fault indication is displayed when the fault relay has been tripped. If this occurs, the motor will coast to a stop. Some quick and general information on the fault indications and causes are listed in this article.

Sometimes it will take a minor adjustment to a parameter or set of parameters. Some faults can be cleared be unseating and reseating an option card to make sure there is a good connection. If a fault cannot be cleared by resetting the drive, taking minor corrective action, or cycling power to the drive, a good next step to try is to disconnect the motor wires from the drive output terminals. If the fault can now be reset, the cause is most likely the motor or wiring to the motor.

However, if the fault remains and still cannot be reset, the problem is within the drive. At that point you can call on the repair experts at Precision Electronic Services, Inc.

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Magnetek/Yaskawa GPD 515 AC Drive Fault Indications



Magnetek GPD 515 Yaskawa AC Drive Control Gpd515c-a025 3phase


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