Pioneer VSXK specs. General Functionality. Internet radio playback. Audio Amplifier Output Details. Response Bandwidth.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Register your product on. The details of your purchase will be on file for reference in the event of an. Your input helps us continue to design products that meet your needs. Registered customers can opt in to receive a monthly newsletter. Operating Instructions Manual de instrucciones Page 2 2 this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly.

After you have finished reading the instructions, put them away in a safe place for future reference. Page 5 Saving channel presets Page 6 Professional Calibration EQ graphical output It can be used easily after following the procedure below to make the connections and settings.

Remote sensor Receives the signals from the remote control see Operating range of remote control unit on When the headphones are connected, there is no sound output from the speakers. Page Remote Control Controls and displays Remote control This section explains how to operate the remote control for the receiver.

This page explains the kinds of components you can connect to make up your home theater system. Page Placing The Speakers Connecting your equipment Placing the speakers Refer to the chart below for placement of speakers you intend to connect. Make sure to match these up with the terminals on the speakers themselves. To prevent the risk of electric shock when connecting or disconnecting the speaker cables, disconnect the power cord before touching Page Installing Your Speaker System Connecting your equipment Installing your speaker system At the very least, front left and right speakers only are necessary.

Note that your main surround speakers should always be connected as a pair, but you can connect just one surround back speaker if you like it must be connected to the left surround back terminal. Page Selecting The Speaker System Connecting your equipment Selecting the Speaker system The front height terminals can be used for front wide and Speaker B connections, in addition to for the front height speakers.

Also, the surround back terminals can be used for bi- amping and ZONE 2 connections, in addition to for the surround back speakers. Page About The Audio Connection Connecting your equipment About the audio connection There are several types of audio input and output terminals on this receiver. Page Connecting Other Audio Components Connecting your equipment Connecting other audio components This receiver has both digital and analog inputs, allowing you to connect audio components for playback.

One of these inputs have corresponding outputs for use with analog audio recorders. To improve reception and sound quality, connect external antennas see Connecting external antennas below.

Different sources can be playing in two zones at the same time or, depending on your needs, the same source can also be used. Page Connecting An Ipod Connecting your equipment Connecting an iPod This receiver has a dedicated iPod terminal that will allow you to control playback of audio content from your iPod using the controls of this receiver.

Instructions for using the software are also available here. Page Connecting An Ir Receiver Please see the manual supplied with your IR receiver for the type of cable necessary for the connection. If you find it damaged, ask your nearest Pioneer authorized independent service company for a replacement.

Switch on the receiver and your TV. Make sure there are no obstacles between the speakers and the microphone. Follow the instructions on-screen. Wait for the test tones to finish, then confirm the speaker configuration in the GUI screen. Switch on your system components and receiver. Page 44 Basic playback Finding what you want to play When your iPod is connected to this receiver, you can browse songs stored on your iPod by playlist, artist name, album name, song name, genre or composer, similar to using your iPod directly.

It is not possible to connect this unit to a personal computer for USB playback. Note that some file formats are not available for playback although they are listed as playable file formats. Music files Category Extension Stream. Page Listening To The Radio Basic playback Listening to the radio The following steps show you how to tune in to FM and AM radio broadcasts using the automatic search and manual step tuning functions.

If you already know the frequency of the station you want, see Tuning directly to a station below. You can also use the number buttons to select a station preset. AS-BT is connected to this unit, a product equipped with Bluetooth wireless Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

Some are hosted, managed, and broadcast by private individuals while others are by the corresponding traditional terrestrial radio stations or radio networks. When the connection is made with the receiver, the following programming screen will be displayed. Page Saving Channel Presets Basic playback Saving channel presets This receiver can memorize up to 63 channels, stored in seven banks, or classes A to G of 9 channels each.

Select the channel you want to memorize. See Selecting channels and browsing by genre on page Auto playback There are many ways to listen back to sources using this receiver, but for the simplest, most direct listening option is the Auto Surround feature.

Page Using The Advanced Surround Effects Listening to your system Using the Advanced surround effects The Advanced surround effects can be used for a variety of additional surround sound effects.

Most Advanced Surround modes are designed to be used with film soundtracks, but some modes are also suited for music sources. Try different settings with various soundtracks to see which you like. Phase Control technology provides coherent sound reproduction through the use of phase matching For more information see the operating instructions for each component.

Interrupting a direct connection with other amps or an AV converter such as an HDMI switch can cause operational errors. The defaults, if not stated, are listed in bold. Page 68 Using other functions Setting What it does Adjusts the amount of treble. May improve the quality of sound in a noisy source for example, Digital Noise video tape with lots of background noise when switched on.

Page 69 Using other functions Setting What it does Provides a better blend of the front speakers by spreading the C. WIDTH center channel between the front right and left speakers, making Center Width it sound wider higher settings or narrower lower settings. If you find the automatically set delay time unsuitable, set A. Start recording, then start playback of the source component. Use the front panel controls to do this.

Switch the receiver into standby. Page Controlling The Rest Of Your System Controlling the rest of your system Chapter 9: Controlling the rest of your system Operating multiple receivers Up to four receivers can be operated discretely using this receiver's remote control when using multiple receivers, provided they are this receiver models.

The receiver to be operated is switched by inputting the preset code to set the remote control setting. Page Selecting Preset Codes Directly if there is one. Press R. SETUP to exit the preset setup mode. Note 1 The remote can store about preset codes from other components this has been tested with codes of Pioneer format only. Programming signals from other remote controls The LED blinks once and flashes continuously.

Page Erasing All Learnt Settings That Are In One Input Function Controlling the rest of your system Erasing all learnt settings that are in one input function This operation erases all the operational settings of other devices that have been programmed in one input function, and restores the factory default. This function is handy for erasing all data programmed for devices no longer being used.

Page Multi Operation And System Off In some cases, even if this receiver is programmed to perform these commands, power to the non-Pioneer devices may not be switched on and off correctly. The command sequence you programmed will run, then all Pioneer components will switch , followed by this receiver switch of all the zones becomes off.

Erasing all the settings for the multi Page Resetting The Remote Control Presets Controlling the rest of your system Resetting the remote control presets This will erase all preset remote control preset codes and programmed buttons. Press and hold the R. The LED flashes continuously. The acoustic You can calibrate your system differently for up to six different MCACC presets useful if you have different listening positions depending on the type of source for example, A progress report is displayed on-screen while the receiver outputs test tones to determine the speakers present in your setup.

Select the setting you want to adjust. Listen to the reference speaker and use it to measure the target channel. EQ Pro calibration range If the pattern is as shown above, select the 50ms setting. Note that the EQ response may not appear entirely flat due to adjustments necessary for your listening area. See Standing Wave on page 91 for more on this. Page The System And The Other Setup The system and the other setup Chapter The system and the other setup Making receiver settings from the System Setup menu The following section describes how to change the speaker-related settings manually and make various other settings input selection, OSD language selection, etc.

Page Speaker Setting The system and the other setup Speaker Setting Use this setting to specify your speaker configuration size, number of speakers and crossover frequency. It is a good idea to make sure that the settings made in Automatically setting up for surround sound Auto MCACC on page 37 are correct. Choose the PLUS setting if you want the subwoofer to output bass sound continuously or you want deeper bass the bass frequencies that would normally come out the front and center speakers are also routed to the You will return to the Manual SP Setup menu.

If the IP address defined is beyond the following ranges, you cannot play back audio files stored on components on the network or listen to Internet radio stations. Select the Remote Control Mode setting you want.


Pioneer Vsx 1020 K Users Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Operating Insructions. For details, refer to "Important Check Points for good servicing". Table of Contents. Please be sure to follow this method especially if it is specified in this manual.


Pioneer VSX-1020-K Service Manual



Pioneer VSX 1020 Operating Instructions Manual


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