Once a singer family from Pune, parents and their daughter came for Babas Darshan with Tabala and harmonium. Its evening time about 4,Baba was seating in chair in Shed. All wisdom, attitude, inspiration are achieved from divine glory of Savitru Solar Mandal. This divine glory means Mother Gayatri.

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Once a singer family from Pune, parents and their daughter came for Babas Darshan with Tabala and harmonium. Its evening time about 4,Baba was seating in chair in Shed. All wisdom, attitude, inspiration are achieved from divine glory of Savitru Solar Mandal.

This divine glory means Mother Gayatri. She represents figure Adopting form of Power Shakti , form of Shakta and Ardhnarishwar inspiring wisdom, attitude of beings and to indicate that I am the incarnation with all these to encourage beings to follow religious path, Shripad is demanding charity saying, "Do Choupati Deo Lakshmi". Note the mystery behind "".

His way of talking, guiding, his grammer is out of reach of anybody. He only knows this grammar as he himself is the creator of this grammar.

Today's early morning's dream Drishant! Devotees of other traditional spiritual path entering this Ashram with procession of Baba's big size photo. Kept the photo in a small tent with big size brass Paduka. Fresh sweets of naivedya were there. I bow down and salute those Paduka. A another tent of same size was also there of different traditional spiritual path. A brother taken his ascetic sister Taramma to Ashram. At Kanyakumari,Mata blessed him by giving a hibiscus flower to him and ordered him to start for Kuravpur as Shri Dattatrey has arrived there as Shripad Shri Vallabha Swami and making a mysterious Charitra.

Mata ordered Shankar Bhatta that he has to write this Charitra. Like wise he started to move to unknown Kuravpur. By walking nearly about kilometers with mysterious experiences in travel with the resolution of Shripad Swami he arrived at Kuravpur. With the grace of Swami he served him upto completion of Leelavatar. After that he stayed there only for 3 years by Swami's order and worshiping fire and gave him wooden Khadawoos.

Swami daily gave him Darshan in light form Teja. As per Swami's resolution Himalayan yogi came and took the Charitra with them. We shall take the advantage of this opportunity by simply reading it with devotion.

Just as the moon in Kabir Das alerts us that a false Guru gets trapped in birth cycle of eighty four lack being. After death he becomes a python and his disciples becomes ants and eat that python. Human birth is very rare one.

If we adopt wrong seeking ways, we have to face extreme stresses at the end of life and in next births. So in a human body, have devotion of only a complete Guru. Surrender to him. Leave false Gurus immediately. Originally, the They were regarded as the staunchest and strictest followers of the rules of the religion. After passing through many lives,by doing good deeds one will attain human life.

For utilising this human life in a positive way every human being should transform into a 'Divine soul', is the law of Nature. Every being in this world has soul. One day every soul should become one with supreme being Parameshwar, God. In the first stage a soul will enters solid state rock state with lot of unexplainable suffering,later it passes into Metals ,by exchanging into different Metals it experiences life in a sleeping state.

After this it leaves Metals and enters into different trees and plants later into insects, bacteria etc. By getting number of transformations in those lifes ,then it gets into Fish other water beings ,and into different birds and into four legged animals Amongst animals Cow is the most sacred animal ,by giving milk to Humans like a mother without its knowledge attains Punya,as an Ox it helps in agricultural needs and attains Punya.

So it attains Human life. Even after attaining Human life by doing bad deeds, again it falls in to the First stage solid state. It is very difficult to come back to Human life even after lakhs of life Janmas. There are number of ways to reach the Supreme being God,parameswar. The most easiest way in Kaliyuga is 'Bhagavan Namasmarana' uttering the name of God always ,reading of 'Holy books and most importantly" Satguru Sewa". People of all countries in the world, people from all races and all traditions,will come to Pithikapuram in any birth, on any day and have the darshan of Shri Swamy.

That volume of bhoorja patra would be kept in an invisible form, many fathoms deep underground in the birth place of Shri Shripada, according to His will His Paadukas would be installed and a temple would be constructed in His birth place. Sri Pynda Venkatappayya Sreshti, an eminent affluent merchant who could donate a cow to Shripada was indeed a very virtuous person.

His life became an illustrious one. I saw Dattguru as Bramha, Vishnu and Maheshwar sat in front of me! Mother is standing in form of cow with calf,Heart bird flied in the vacuum as Dattatrey roamed! Dattatrey made miracle,my body is now spiritual and fruitful as Audumbar rises in the presence of Dattguru! Without surrendering sharnagati no one can cross the worldly ocean , one mu In Guru Granth sahib ji Shri Nanak says "Let no one in this world be in illusion , without Guru no one can cross the worldly ocean.

Guru Gopal is the great lord and master of entire creation". One should not be arrogant simply The wealth with you should have purity in it, Otherwise you will have sorrows. If you are proud that you are holy, you are not at all holy. I have your account with Me. I am telling that I cancelled the results of your sinful deeds out of compassion. I will in a trice burn all your sins and make you virtuous. As you have considered truth as untruth, and untruth as truth you met with all difficulties.

You have abused Shripada Shrivallabha and because of that you were entangled in strange and peculiar problems. Even though you conducted devoted reading of Datta Puraana it has not given you any relief. Datta Himself has come as Shripada Shrivallabha. This is true. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Shri Gopalbaba Maharaj, Pithapur. Shripad Shrivallabh Sampurna Charitamrut on Facebook.

Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Himalay Surywanshi. Nikheel Salunke. Mentioned in Shripad Shrivallabh Charitramruta.

What a coincidence See More. Niranjan Tajane. Shripad Shrivallabh Sampurna Charitamrut Posts. Information about Page Insights Data. Shri Gopalbaba Maharaj, Pithapur. Continue Reading. Complete Biography of Lord Dattatraya's first avatar in kaliyuga.

Shripad Shrivallabh Charitamrut, Chapter Marathi. It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser. Digambara Digambara Shripada Vallabha Digambara! Digambara Digambara Narsinh Yativar Digambara! The number 18 is considered to signify victory. In these towns with a victorious number lived families gotras of Vaishya heads of towns. Salutations to all those luminaries who attend the Guru Maharaj. See More.


Shripad Shri Vallabh Charitramrut Book

Rs Rs The first incarnation of Dattatreya Shreepad srivallabha character. Sanskrtamadhalya Telugu translator malladi Govind diksita original book, its Marathi translator Panchwadkar Joshi niturakara Shreepad srivallabha caritramrta is divine and wonderful aksarasatya brahmasatya texts. This book is all capitals Shreepad srivallabhance soul. When this book was the book of saints and devotees of the vibrations of consciousness from him when he reads good vibrations. The devanaghevanata is your chance devotees were weak and divine experience. New to Best Price Register.


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