You may have encountered problems when saving the text of a PDF file to a separate text file. A produced document with blank space at the bottom of the page may omit a Bates number in the resulting text file. These problems indicate that there's an issue with tags for the PDF. Adobe Acrobat uses tags to identify the reading order of a page, and its overall layout, accounting for tables, lists, and footers. Tags are generated automatically, but this process may not produce the results you need.

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Part of this update did upgrade the reader from Adobe 7 to Adobe 8 so I uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Professional 8 thinking something was overwritten which did not help. Does anyone know of a way to enable this option?

I am not convinced that there is such a feature but she insists she had this a few days ago. Is there a separate plugin I have to load? These forums are now Read Only. If you have an Acrobat question, ask questions and get help from one of our experts.

Registered: Sep 24 Posts: 2. User has Adobe Professional 8 installed. My Product Information: Acrobat Pro 8. Registered: Jun 28 Posts: The last part of your note was the key. You'll need to OCR your scans before you can convert to Excel. The right-click menu selection is not available on scans that have not been OCR'ed. Registered: Nov 13 I just bought Acrobat 9 Standard for the sole purpose of exporting pdf file to excel.

I've always just used the Reader version. I've tried to export from pdf to excel using export to XML1. Because of the failure, you are advised to not save these changes.

My second problem is that the view of the pdf file seems messed up. Instead of the usual white background on the document when I am using the Acrobat reader version, I am viewing it with checked gray and white all over the page-making me crossed eyed looking at the document.

Is this related to my not being able to export. How to change this back to normal view? I know this is a lot, but I need your help!

Registered: Nov 24 Posts: 1. I am using Adobe 8 Professional. Registered: Feb 3 I'm getting the same Bad PDF error when trying to export or add tags. My pdf file is not a scan, it's a file generated from Crystal Reports, but it does have a small image in the header of each page. Could this be causing the issue? If so, what are my options?

Can I OCR the file? Any help is greatly appreciated. Registered: Jan 16 Posts: 5. Please read this thread, hope this would help.

LM3916 PDF

unable to convert untagged document to tagged pdf

August RSS Feed. Adobe Acrobat 8 allows for elements of a document to be tagged according untagged. I'd have to click 'Cancel' on this dialog: 'This document is untagged and must be prepared for reading. While the document is being analyzed, your assistive technology will not be able to interact with this. BUT, there was always a degree of failure. What you did was just tell Adobe Reader to go on and read the untagged document automatically, unable to convert untagged document to tagged asking you first: However, there are some different among different products.


Convert a Non-accessible PDF

Most non-accessible PDF documents can be made accessible to screen reader users by tagging its contents using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Before you can add tags to an non-accessible PDF, you must make sure that the PDF contains real text and is not just a series of scanned images. To do so:. If the PDF is scanned, you must convert it to text before it can be tagged:. Tags are listed in a hierarchical order that indicates the reading sequence of the document, and they appear as coded element types in angle brackets.

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