She is one of the few people who knew Sydney Banks, originator of the Three Principles, before he had his profound insight, and who stuck by him, despite her own early strong resistance. Banks, travelling with him to address mental health practitioners, educators, and others seeking a deeper understanding of life. Since then, Elsie has been invited to consult with all levels of executives and employees in the corporate world, and has been instrumental in transforming disadvantaged communities. She has worked with staff and youth in juvenile justice settings, as well as with individuals via coaching and retreats, and is co-founder of the Three Principles School, dedicated to sharing the integrity and purity of the Principles for the benefit of future generations. Photograph by Chris Nunan. It was really fun to process their positive reactions to your book and their questions.

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Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. Elsie Spittle: Three In One. The 3 Principles Conference is with Elsie Spittle. Michael Neill answers questions at the Conference. Chip and Jan Chipman. Cathy Casey sharing Perspectives on Thought. Mark Howard Seminar Clip. Stepping Beyond your Intellect - 3 Principles Conference Clip of Cathy Casey at the Conference.

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Clare Dimond. Video Transcript. I saw mister and missus pollyanna driving up the driveway And I, I was an utter misery and so here they are. This happy couple that were going around by now their relationship was so loving and and rich and they're holding hands and Ken and I are like this.

You know we're not holding hands were far from holding hands and and so they're coming up the driveway and what am I to do like I just couldn't face them in my misery. So I did. I hid in the bathroom the only place I felt said that they wouldn't come in and And said, love, the story you just love this story and would ask me to share it at various conferences.

I heard the knock at the door Quiet as a mouse and they come in they'll see And then I hear the door close as they go out and something propelled me out of that bathroom And I went to the door and backing them back in and come in, but I kind of like block the way for them to come in and sit down and I put the kettle on but I didn't turn the heat up And um and what said said to me that was so beautiful he said he just looked at my freaked out face and he put his arm around my shoulder and he said dairy he said you have God within you as does every soul on this planet You feel that Well, I feel it now than I did not when he said that to me then I just like ballistic.

Everything in me just freaked out and I you know almost push them out. The door and off they went and I I just, I was enraged like who is he to tell me I have gone within me that's what I'm thinking in my arrogance in my Las Vegas who does he think he is and And, as they're driving away um sit, a barb said to say well, I guess that's it for our friendship with Chelsea and and he said no, no pet. She heard something today and barb said, well.

She sure has a funny way of showing Anyways that was basically yet um. I ended up that afternoon still in the Middle of anger. After talking to a friend who for the first time didn't, engage with me about that awful Sydney banks do you know what he's saying now I mean you know who does he think he is all this kind of terrible stuff that we said about him for the first time she just listened and it was something about the quality of her listening and And that she had the the goal to save in the lc.

You should listen to yourself it's like what no no, no. That's not how we play this game. I say something bad about said and you say something bad about it soon. You know it's like you know, telling me to listen to myself what's that about um but when I hang up the phone on her thinking, why won't say what else.

I think that I hung up the phone on her and this is what I love also about insight and the. This is evidence That we are what we're looking for. Yes, it's lovely to be reflective and relaxed that space nurtured in sight, but I guarantee that insight is available any time any place anyhow because in the midst of that anger and Las Vegas, I had my first in sight and I I knew it was true and that it was a simple insight that keith and valves have been talking about thought, creates feeling that was my first But it brought such relief to me, such a feeling of oh my word There is something to life that there is a purpose to my life to be honest, I wasn't really interested in the rest of the world at that point I was just so grateful that for the first time, I felt worthy.

I felt I had purpose in my life and that meant everything to me because prior to that, I thought I was ip that's. Why I was so angry is that I thought I had nothing And so that insight as time went on. I thought it was just about thought And keith knows the story, cuz keith with us in the audience when I realized 38 years later right this is how insights continue to grow and blossom when you think when I had that inside okay next, you know what's the next one 38 years later.

I realized that oh my word all three principles were working in unison. It wasn't just thought, creates feeling where did that insight come from mine How was I aware of it, consciousness me that was coming from me every insight. You have works. The same way that is mind. Consciousness and thought, working in you to bring your insights to life and the fact that it's happening in you shows you that you can stop the search and This, I, I may be on thin ice here and I've been known that sometimes I do step on very thin ice, but I still see a lot of searching in the community where we, wanna go to everything that's offered I want you to consider not doing that.

I want you to consider listening to your own voice more leaving space For your own wisdom to emerge that's why we're here that's our evolution from spiritual from formless to form and if we are going here, there and everywhere and filling our minds with other people's words, including mine and sid, was the first one to say that is not right. You guys it was the first one to say that don't listen to me Listen to yourselves and I know also that there's sometimes some confusion because we all share in our own way, you know what's real to us and one.

What insights we have that are pertinent to us. An unique and relevant to us may not be to the person sitting next to us. You know that's the beauty is that we are our own best teachers that know what's perfect for us it's not that person that knows more what's best for me.

I know what's best for me and so sometimes Out of the the wealth and the abundance of offerings in the three principles community, there can be some confusion where so and so said, this and so and so said that and so just chill out settle down a little bit honestly and listen to yourselves and the confusion will evaporate and then once in a blue moon, you wanna go and you know, visit again and see what's going on you'll be amazed at the difference People say things to me about you know they they feel a quiet or they feel something as I did was said, I didn't like his words.

I resisted his words fighting tooth and nail, but I I felt solace in his presence because there was a a sense of calm. There was a sense of knowing a sense of peace and it touched the intermediate touched my soul so I would say to him, you know come on visit will come to your place, whatever just don't talk to me about this stuff And he would say just live.

It you know when you get a glimmer as you all have you wouldn't be here. If you had didn't have a glimmer or two or three or a hundred. You wouldn't be here and then you just live.

You live. Your life. You enjoy your family enjoy your garden and you don't think it's anything I don't think it's anything until I go out and start to meet new people and they say what is you know you're and you know that you know all of you that go out and do this work and you've you've discovered your own quiet Resource And people pick that up when you go into the jails right, they pick up you're quiet and you probably don't think anything of it do you, you just think.

Oh I'm just being jacqueline going into the jails. You know just being ordinary and and that's the thing is to be ordinary because you are special And when you know you're special Because we are the spiritual beings living in a beautiful beautiful world of nature Then you don't even think about being special you're, just grateful to be ordinary and that's where the goodies are is just living and being ordinary.

How does that sound You know I know it's early it's like I've got 15 minutes left, but I think I've said my piece and and again less is more. Those of you that know me know that and so I'd love to give you the next 15 minutes to just kind of you know wander off.

Do whatever it is. You wanna do. I love talking with you I'd love your responsiveness, your listening and uh so I just encourage you go ahead.

Take off the next 15 minutes until whatever and just gonna say next and thank you so much Thank you. Forgot account?


3 Principles for Human Development

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. Elsie Spittle: Three In One. The 3 Principles Conference is with Elsie Spittle.


Elsie Spittle - Releasing the Natural Wisdom Within You

Elsie Spittle has been an internationally recognized trainer and consultant for over four decades. She is one of the few people who knew Sydney Banks, originator of the Three Principles, before he had his profound insight, and who stuck by him, despite her own early strong resistance. Banks, travelling with him to address mental health practitioners, educators, and others seeking a deeper understanding of life. Our mentoring is centered on rapport and deep listening that provides a nurturing environment conducive to insight-based learning. Elsie is the author of 5 books that will help you deepen your understanding of the 3 Principles for Human Development. Elsie is a Three Principles practitioner who is recognized as a specialist in human relations.


Elsie Spittle

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